Amp Up Your 2021 Marketing Strategy With Spot On Solutions

digital marketing strategy, digital marketing trends, restoration marketingWhile 2020 had its difficult moments, it created a slate for growth and discovery. In what ways has your business grown or changed this past year? As we continue moving further into 2021, we hope your business continues to adopt new strategies, improve old ones, and experience growth!

At Spot on Solutions, we’ve learned how to take difficult times and find the opportune moments within. This year we’ve developed new services and revamped some old ones to better support your business marketing goals in 2021. 

Plan Ahead APP

Our team has engineered and released a new app that will serve as a great resource to help build loyalty and strengthen relationships with your clients. The Plan Ahead APP is an emergency response planning software that is designed to make disaster response run as quickly and efficiently as possible. With this app, there’s no more sifting through endless files and folders trying to find the right emergency plan. You can access the best plan for each specific client immediately. When you purchase our app, we’re able to customize it to  Add value to your company by setting yourself apart among industry competitors by bringing your clients’ emergency plans into the digital age. 

Brand Manager

Imagine having the ability to easily manage your online presence in an organized manner. With Brand Manager, we can manage your online reviews, social media presence, and directories all in one place! 

Brand Manager is an online reputation management software that makes it easy to request reviews from customers, manage local listings, and schedule social media postings. The convenience not only helps you improve your online presence, but it can also help free up your time to focus on other important business matters. 

Website Design

We’ve expanded our website development team to include members specializing in graphic design and content writing. Our team has undergone special training to develop an effective communication style to reach your targeted audiences. We can create your site from scratch, or revamp existing content to get your message across in a clear, impactful manner that encourages your clients to take action. 

Social Media

We have some big plans for social media this coming year – including the use of more video. Online video views have increased significantly this year as COVID-19 forced us to spend more time indoors. More people have been making videos too, consisting of everything from the latest Tik Tok trends to sharing personal experiences and information. While these videos have helped the world come together in many ways, it has filled the online space with what some might refer to as “content overload”. That’s why it’s important to create video content that can stand out and be discovered by your targeted audience. At Spot On Solutions, we’ve studied the trends and are ready to take your social media marketing to the next level.

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Get Excited For The New Year

You have a lot to look forward to in 2021. At Spot On Solutions, we’re excited to be a part of your team and are excited to utilize our resources to help your business see growth this year.

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