5 SEO Tips for Cleaning & Restoration Companies

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a popular topic on the internet these days. Everyone wants that coveted number one spot on the first page of Google to get more traffic to their websites.

Spot On Solutions has come up with a short list of tips and tricks to help your cleaning and restoration company rank higher on today’s popular search engines.

#1 Google Places

Google is starting to favor local search and most individuals don’t understand how local Search Engine Optimization works. Using this trick can give you a huge advantage.

Make sure your cleaning and restoration company is taking advantage of having a Google Places Page. Creating a Google Places page is just the beginning you want to make sure you complete the following steps:

  • Make sure the correct address and contact information is displayed.
  • Link your Google Places page to your website.
  • Add your hours of operation to your Google Places page.
  • Encourage customers to leave positive reviews on your Google Places page.
  • Verify your Google Places page.

#2 Don’t Misspell Keywords


Keywords Concept

on’t give into the temptation to optimize misspelled keywords for SEO rankings. Misspelling keywords may not hurt your search engine rankings but it can damage the creditability your company has with customers. Misspelled words can make your cleaning and restoration company look unprofessional and uneducated. As search engines and browsers evolve the popularity of misspelling keywords will decrease.

#3 Avoid Keyword Dilution

When you are creating the content for your service pages or blog posts avoid using more than 2-3 keywords and phrases. Having to many topics on a single page can make it hard for search engines and clients to determine what you are trying to focus on. If you have multiple keywords and topics to cover create multiple blogs or service pages. Creating multiple pages with quality content can increase your chances to rank higher on most search engines.

 #4 Avoid Broken Links

It is important that you double check all of the links on your cleaning and restoration website. Broken links can leave a bad taste in potential customers’ mouths. Not only can it be frustrating but it implies that your company doesn’t manager your website. Search engines may also penalize website that have broken links.  Make sure to check your links with a link checker every so often.

#Duplicate Content is a No No

Spammers love to create duplicate content and post it in a variety of locations, on websites and social media. The thinking behind duplicate content is that if there is more than one copy of the page more people will see it.  Search engines like Google absolutely hate duplicate content. Any website or article with duplicate content is penalized and will not rank and can be banned. Duplicate content is seen as a waste of server space and poor quality information. That is why you should always focus on creating unique, high quality content for each page you create.

Fact: Spot On Solutions is not like other companies that send the same general blog article to every client. Each blog article we write is unique and of high quality- guaranteed to help your SEO rankings.

If you would like to learn more about how you can increase your SEO rankings for your cleaning and restoration company call Spot On Solutions today! Our friendly and professional staff would love you build a relationship with you and increase your bottom line!

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