5 Tips on Content Writing to Increase Traffic

Breaking news: The days of traditional marketing are coming to a close and a new era is underway. It’s the age of content marketing, and it’s taking the marketing world by storm. Faced with this opportunity to adapt, numerous business owners have dropped off the ledge of effective marketing. Content writing can make a HUGE impact in your online presence.

The Basics

Content marketing is the process of creating and spreading innovative and helpful pieces of information to your consumers. It’s about offering quality information that lands your website in the coveted top spot of a Google Search. It has timeless, intrinsic value that strengthens your customers’ trust in you. As your consumers begin to digest your content, they subconsciously link positive energy with your services and company. “Media” can refer to blog posts, YouTube videos, basic website pages, e-books, infographics, or social media posts. Each media type has untapped potential to increase your presence if you post great content.

Learning to Work with Google

In order to boost SEO rankings and gain traffic for your website, you need to have comprehensive content. If you write original and relevant content, search engine will deem them valuable and reward your site with a higher ranking. For instance, Google has made it clear that they punish duplicate content. This is why learning to write great content is critical for success and traffic.

Achieving Google-Worthy Content

1. Write Something Groundbreaking

When people type something in a search engine, they are looking for a piece of information that answers their questions and provides pertinent and helpful information based on their search. This is why Google places a stamp of approval on websites that dig deep into information.

It’s like being in class. Your teacher makes a point and then six people raise their hands and offer a specific fact or opinion to support her point. However, the six people all offer the same opinions. We’ve all had that frustrating feeling knowing the class could have stopped after the first point. But we persevered on, wasting precious time. And worse, the following five commenters didn’t increase their personal credibility. The takeaway: If you don’t have something new to add to the conversation, think of a different angle and expound on that point.

2. Craft a Solid Headline

According to a statistic by copyblogger, 80% of people will read your headline. Only 20% will read the rest of the content. Your headline with either draw them in or lose their interest. This is why the headline is just as important as the post itself — maybe even more important.  The point of great content is to get the next sentence read. You want to be interesting enough to keep people engaged and that journey begins with a title. Your headline should be:
• Unique
• Urgent
• Helpful
• Specific

Your Headline should Convey a Solution to a Problem

These titles convey a sense of importance:

• “The Astonishing Power of Eye Tracking Technology”
• “Are you Losing Sales by Giving Customers Too Many Choices?”
• “Optimize Your Site by Knowing your Customers”
• “One Critical Skill that Defines Every Successful Entrepreneur”

3. Write Short and Pointed Content

Get rid of fluff words. Get rid of extra words like “that”, “so”, “very”, “only” and other unnecessary words eyes automatically pass over. It takes work, but your article will portray a sense of usefulness when each individual word has a specific purpose.

4. Keep it Fresh

Starting a website, Facebook Page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel is one more thing on your “to do” list as an entrepreneur. You have to tap into your supply of never-ending motivation and continually crank out excellent content. According to HubSpot Blogs websites that are regularly and steadily renovated and beefed up by content attract more visitors per day than static websites with little relevant information. This is a content principle to live by: fresh ideas keep fresh viewers.

5. Use Visuals to Communicate

Think about it: most information is presented visually. Billboards, books, manuals, power points, signs at the grocery store, and menus at a restaurant seem to be everywhere you go. So, why not add some flair to your own visual information. Whether you use pictures, videos, or infographics to magnetize viewers, remember to make it helpful and interesting.

Following these tips will ensure a well-rounded and effective piece of content media. The best thing about great content is that it’s timeless. The better the content the more likely it is to get shared. Well, if it’s going to last indefinitely, make it good. BUT- a word of warning here, don’t get so focused on perfection that you fail to produce and post your content on a regular basis. Stay motivated and stay focused. So make the commitment today to provide groundbreaking content to your viewers.

Your increased traffic stats will be a great reward for your efforts.

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