6 Tips To Combat The Summertime Slowdown For Marketers

summertime marketing strategiesSummer is well-known to be the slow time for business. Consumers are spending their money on vacations or saving up for the new fiscal year. Whatever consumer trends are happening during the summer months, one thing is for sure. The summer consumer slump is going to impact business profits if the marketing department is not stepping in and taking action. For cleaning and restoration companies – this might seem like a big challenge since consumer trends are typically related to things like weather events, holidays and seasonal change – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take action to meet your consumers where they are.

6 Ways To Beat The Summer Slump

If you want to know the best ways to take control of your marketing efforts and maximize your exposure, check out these 6 tips.

  1. Where Are Your Consumers? – If your target market is on vacation, they’re likely going to be posting to social media. That means social media is going to be a great place to maximize your exposure. If a potential customer is away on vacation right now, they could return home to indoor flooding. If that’s the case, your exposure on social media could mean that they contact you instead of a competitor.
  2. Advertise For The Season – Using content and visual graphics that reflect what is happening during the summer months is a great way to capture new customers. For example, a cleaning company may want to use images of outdoor grilling if they want to reach potential customers who have experienced a fire disaster due to outdoor grilling activities.
  3. Use Your Slow Time To Your Benefit – If you haven’t been requesting or responding to Google reviews because it has been too busy, use your slow time to catch up on it! Reviews are an easy and awesome way to help improve your online marketing efforts. Also, use this time to learn more about some new marketing strategies that your marketing team has pitched. Haven’t started Google Guaranteed advertising? Well now is the time to look into it. Spot On Solutions can help you set up, optimize and manage your Google Guaranteed ads for maximum benefit to your company!
  4. Build Your Relationships – Summer is a great time to build your relationships with prospective clients, agents, and your marketing company! Take advantage of the free time available and work with your marketing agency to set goals and build strategy.
  5. Add To Your SEO Efforts – Write blog content, write posts on Google My Business, post more on social media, write articles for LinkedIn – all of these avenues are ways that you can help boost your SEO efforts.
  6. YouTube Videos – Videos are a great addition to online marketing. Use this time to put together a great video that can speak to your audience and really show what your Brand is all about. YouTube videos can be used for pay-per-click advertising plus you are able to share them in a bunch of different ways.

If you are feeling the impact of the summertime lull that many businesses do – reach out to Spot On Solutions to learn more about effective online marketing strategies and how to reach your target audience the best way.

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