7 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

common marketing myths, marketing misconceptions, seo marketing, mobile-friendly, online reviewsIn 2021, it seems like everyone is implementing digital marketing in their advertising strategy – and for good reason too. With over 5.6 billion searches being made on Google each day, it’s smart to have a digital marketing strategy to support the online presence of your business.

Despite all the success businesses find through digital marketing, there are still skeptics who question the effectiveness of it. At Spot On Solutions, we not only provide marketing results that bust your competition, but we also bust common marketing myths! Here are seven common misconceptions of digital marketing that we will debunk for you. 

Myth #1: I’ll Get Instant Results

Many people who invest in digital marketing expect to see results right from the get go. The truth is, digital marketing is a long-term investment that takes on average 6-12 months before results start rolling in. Why? Because it takes time to gather the data and feedback to see what works for your company. Those who report having bad experiences with digital marketing often quit before they give their campaigns a chance to gain traction. 

Myth #2: Marketing Is Too Expensive

The first thing to know is that marketing done right will always result in a greater return on investment. Our marketing specialists are trained and certified in running and managing ad campaigns. They are also well-versed in the cleaning and restoration industry and know how to best target your ideal audience. They take the time to understand your goals and budget to create a strategy customized to your business.

Myth #3: SEO Is Dead

This is far from the truth. In fact, when it comes to marketing your cleaning and restoration company to a local audience, SEO is needed more than ever. With an overload of websites and content in the online arena it’s critical to have a solid SEO campaign in place. Combining SEO with a strong digital marketing strategy and exceptional content will help drive more organic search results. 

Myth #4: Negative Reviews Online Are Bad For Business

Anytime a customer expresses concern for how a restoration or cleaning job was handled can be an opportunity for learning and growth. Take the feedback and use it as an educational opportunity for your employees. Improving your team will help improve your company overall. Also, taking the time to respond to negative reviews can assure customers you care about them. If done right, you can actually use negative reviews to your advantage as other potential clients observe how to handle difficult situations. Negative reviews also reveal a deep level of transparency and authenticity that isn’t always present with companies that have perfect 5-star reviews.

Myth #5: Quantity Is Better Than Quality

Quality over quantity holds true for digital marketing because without quality content, you won’t get any quality leads. You may think that larger businesses with a higher marketing budget can pay for reach that you can’t. While that may be true, it’s something you shouldn’t have to worry about if you’re consistently producing quality content that your customers value. A strong focus on quality will help you build a loyal customer base and improve the overall reputation of your company. 

Myth #6: Optimizing Websites For Mobile Is Not Necessary

According to recent reports, nearly 60% of Google searches are made through mobile devices. It’s in the best interest for you and your potential clients to optimize your site for mobile. Why? Because people expect mobile sites to be fast and easy to navigate, and are more likely to exit a page if it isn’t. If a website doesn’t transition smoothly to mobile, chances are it won’t convert. 

Myth #7: Digital Marketing is Only For Big Companies

Successful small businesses are similar to big businesses in that they need to be profitable, carry a strong reputation, and be available for their customers – all of which can be accomplished through digital marketing. In fact, digital marketing done right can help you outrank bigger companies on the online searches. It’s all about targeting the right audience, getting quality leads, and maintaining strong customer relationships. 

Now that we’ve debunked these seven myths, we hope you feel more confident and knowledgeable with digital marketing. At Spot On Solutions, we value honesty and transparency and promise to keep our clients in the loop with report calls, data collection, and other important metrics. You never have to worry about the state of your marketing strategy because we will keep refining and working it until you start getting the results you want. When you partner with us, you can rest assured you’re with an agency that cares about your business and marketing success. 

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