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Check Out Various Tools Designed to Help You Grow Your Business

Business Growth Tools

The cleaning and restoration industry has specific needs when it comes to apps and solutions designed to help you grow your business. At Spot On Solutions, we have developed and identified the top apps to support your business growth. 

Plan Ahead App

Looking for an app that sets you apart from your competition? Plan Ahead gets you in the door to create the emergency response plans that you and your clients have been asking for.

Simple, Secure, Unrivaled

Save time and bring your clients’ emergency plans into the digital age. No more drowning in endless files and folders trying to find the right emergency plan and set yourself apart in a competitive industry.

Build Relationships. Build Loyalty.

Provide your clients with an immediate plan of action with the Plan Ahead app. Build trust, strengthen relationships, and connect your customers to your business.


Referral Reactor

Referral Reactor is a tool to help your businesses run a highly successful referral program. All businesses know the value of a high-quality referral. Someone who already needs your product and has been referred by someone they already trust is always an easy sale.

Available on the Apple App Store Google Play Store, and as a web-based app, this powerful tool can help you transform your referral marketing program into a profitable and sustainable referral engine. 


Inventory Shield

Keep track of all your equipment, run your business more efficiently, and stop losing money on lost or stolen equipment. With this easy to use app, you will always know:

  • Where all of your equipment is.
  • What equipment is at each location.
  • Who was the last person to use the equipment.
  • What pieces of equipment are broken.
  • What equipment has been broken or lost.
  • The full history where it has been.

DontGo Automated Chatbot

Give your customers a faster, more targeted, and user-friendly experience than they’d get with live chat.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Exit Intent Technology, the DontGo chatbot learns how your customers search for information online and the bot appears when a visitor moves to exit your site, converting more browsers into buyers. 92% of web visitors leave a site without taking action, don’t let them go without a fight.

Text Request

Text Request is a business texting software that makes it easy for your team to manage 2-way text conversations with prospects, customers, or employees with complete organizational oversight and unity.

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