Becoming a Pro Slacker

Let’s talk about Slack, the messaging app that makes communicating with your co-workers and project managers more fun. Here at Spot On Solutions, we have way too much fun with our day-to-day Slack interactions, but we are also a ton more productive with real-time team communications.

If Slack is new to you check our first blog in the Slack series, “Why You Should Encourage Your Employees to be Slackers.”  If you’ve already started using here are few pointers that might be useful.

Since our team has started using Slack, we’ve become pretty familiar with Slack and all it has to offer. If you are new to Slack and would like to become a pro Slacker you might find the following tips useful.

Use the Reminders

Did you know you can create your own to-do list in Slack by setting up Slackbot reminders? To setup a reminder type /remind [yourself, coworker, or even an entire #channel], plus whatever ever you want to remember and when you want to be reminded, and Slackbot will take note. Your reminders are private so only you will be able to see the reminders.

Pro Tip: You can review your list of reminders by typing /remind list to Slackbot. From there you can complete or delete your tasks.

Search Made Easy

If you haven’t been using Slack’s search features, you’re missing out! Slack’s advanced search makes finding a file or conversation very easy. When you type in the search bar include the following phrases to narrow your search, in:, from:, has:, before:, after:, on:, or during:. For a full list of modifiers and shortcuts click HERE. (

 Set the Pace with Quick Commands

Quick commands or keyboard shortcuts are one of the fastest ways to optimize the time you spend on Slack. Take a look at our favorite quick commands:

  • Quick Switcher. To bring up the quick switcher type in Cmd + K on a Mac or Ctrl + K on Windows, this will bring up a text field. Type in the first letters of a group chat, channel or personal chat and the option will be highlighted. Hit the enter key to switch to that conversation.
  • Quick Fix. It happens to the best of us, we all type something wrong. To quickly bring up the last message you sent to the text box, just press the Up Arrow Key.
  • Slash It. In any text field, type in a forward slash to bring up a list of command options.
  • To Read or Unread? If you have already read something but you want to action on it at a later date, just mark the message as unread (this works a bit better than the star a message system). Click on the message while holding the Alt key.
  • Pro Tip: Hitting Esc marks a message in the current thread as read while Shift+Esc will mark any unread messages as read.

Get a full list of quick commands HERE

Get Giphy with It

GIFs are wildy popular and a single gif can say a thousand words. When you want to lighten the mood or you’re just not sure how to response to someone’s message, us a Gif.

One of our favorite features in Slack is Giphy. To integrate Giphy with your Slack go to type in Giphy in the app search and follow the instructions. Once you have installed Giphy, simply type giphy/ [phrase or keyword] and hit enter. Slack will automatically generate a relevant GIF for your entire team to enjoy. To ensure that the GIFs that popular are age appropriate and work friendly increase your integration settings to stricter settings.

Pro Tip: To change your Giphy settings go to and click on Giphy.

 Now you should be well on your way to becoming a Pro Slacker, but we have only scratched the surface of Slack’s many hidden features. To discover more fun features, like the “impersonate a celebrity” feature, keep an eye out for our next Slack article! And as always, keep Slacking!


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