Site Speed Matters

Is Your Website Helping Or Hindering Your SEO Or Paid Advertising?

Using digital marketing solutions like PPC or Organic search are great methods of driving new traffic to your website and building your client list. However, if your current website is frustrating users because of a slow load time…it may be helping your competitors profit off of your disadvantage.

Not only does a slow website lose user interest, but it can affect how your website ranks in organic search and in PPC. Google’s algorithm for ranking websites prefers user-friendly sites that load fast on websites and mobile devices. If your website can’t load in less than 3 seconds on ANY device, you are bound to lose at least half of your traffic.

Google’s Site Speed Test is a great way to find out how quickly your website loads and how it compares to high-quality websites. Try it out to see how your website ranks.

Google’s Website Speed Test

What Spot On Solutions Can Do For You

Spot On Solutions knows exactly what your website needs to perform at top speeds on both desktops and mobile devices. With 50.3% of all website traffic being performed from mobile devices, we design websites that are highly responsive and load fast without limiting the look and feel of your website.

Your website doesn’t have to be bland and boring to load fast – and Spot On Solutions wants to be the team to help you beat out your competitors and turn your website visitors into qualified job leads!



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