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5 Ways DiSC Improves Team Building

The majority of us go to work in order to make a living. While some genuinely love what they do, others might feel burdened every time Monday rolls around. In a good workplace environment, this should be the case. The time we spend in our professional roles should be fulfilling, rather than leaving us depleted.  […]

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Building A Million Dollar Business: Managing A Loyal Team

This is the first article in a series, “Building a Million Dollar Business,” where we conduct exclusive interviews with industry leaders to learn more about how they’ve transformed their cleaning and restoration companies into successful, million dollar businesses. This article features Ron Jones, owner of R1 Greater Charlotte and R1 of Winston Salem. From IT […]

Enter To Win Free Access To The Violand Virtual Executive Summit!

Jeff Jones of Violand is offering one lucky person free access to the upcoming Violand Virtual Executive Summit! Included in the offer is 12 months of free access to the Violand Institute. Entering is simple – share and like this video before midnight on 6/13/2021. A lucky winner will be announced on 6/14/2021. The Violand […]

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How To Analyze Digital Marketing Costs

So you’ve decided to invest in digital marketing for your business. You’re heading in the right direction. With the number of online searches increasing every day, you want to make sure your restoration company is visible to those searching for your services. A key factor in digital marketing visibility is your budget, which leads to […]

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Guest Blog: Strategically Managing Your Business Development In Restoration

Contributed By Lisa Lavender, iRestore In the world of restoration and emergency services, strategic marketing and relationship development can be very complicated.  There is not a right or wrong; there are a variety of successful strategies that can be built and executed.  Ultimately, one could say that the optimal mix is: An approach that builds […]

How Spot On Solutions Can Support Your Business Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 is not only a threat to the health of many individuals, but their livelihoods as well.  As stock markets crash and we enter an age of economic uncertainty, many businesses are facing new challenges in these unprecedented times. These challenges may necessitate some businesses to revamp and adjust their online advertising methods As a […]

Create a Phone Script That Ensures You Set The Appointment Every Time

One of the cornerstones of any business is their communication skills. Regardless of your qualifications or the services you offer, you cannot be successful if you are unable to communicate effectively with your current and potential customers. Here at 33 Mile Radius, we have worked with thousands of contractors that are great at generating leads. […]

Part 2: Giving Your Brand an Online Presence

Building a Brand for Your Restoration Company | A 3 Part Series Part 2: Giving Your Brand an Online Presence In part one of this series, we talked about building a brand and company culture for your cleaning and restoration company. That is an effort that takes time and is something that is constantly evolving. […]

Part 1: The Brand Itself

Building a Brand for Your Restoration Company | A 3 Part Series Part 1: The Brand Itself When you hear the word “brand” it might not be as literal as you think. A company’s brand is about how your employees, clients, and community perceive you as a business; not about a logo out front. A […]

An Introduction to Pinterest

An Introduction to Pinterest—from a customer point of view Written by Emily Moser Pinterest is the number two social media site in use today in generating sales behind Facebook. With over 100 million active members, one thing that sets Pinterest apart from other social media platforms is that the users are purchase oriented.  Due to […]