Expert panelists addressing cash flow

Expert Panel: Maintaining Cash Flow Amid Challenging Times

C&R’s State of the Industry Report revealed maintaining cash flow as one of the biggest challenges restorers faced in 2022. The question we asked experts to answer is, “what systems have you implemented to ensure consistent cash flow in your business?” Here’s what they had to say: Outsourcing Your Insurance Billing One of the most […]

Expert Panel: Finding Good Talent In a Competitive Hiring Market

Business owners are well aware of the growing challenges with recruitment and finding good talent to join their teams. Not only are we in the midst of a nationwide labor shortage, but finding people with the right qualifications and skill sets is becoming increasingly difficult.  We reached out to industry experts and asked for insights […]

Expert Panel Trade Shows

Expert Panel: How to Make the Most Out of Trade Shows

Summer is the time for outdoor activities, bbq’s, swimming, and if you’re in the cleaning and restoration industry – a little break from trade shows! As a business owner, attending trade shows may be a core part of your strategy in making connections and growing your business. With so many trade shows in the industry, […]

expert panel commercial jobs

Expert Panel: Getting More Commercial Jobs

Expanding your cleaning and restoration company to take on commercial jobs can seem like a daunting task, but it’s completely possible for anyone who’s willing to take a risk. Although the road isn’t easy, once you’re able to get repeat commercial clients, the payoff is huge.  How can you break into the competitive commercial market? […]

expert panel restoration software

Expert Panel: Tips For Choosing The Right Restoration Software For Your Business

Many cleaning and restoration companies are embracing the use of technology and management softwares to run their businesses. Gone are the days of old school organization methods that leave room for error and ultimately slow down the growth of your business. Restoration software systems serve a myriad of functions that can be customized for the […]

Expert Panel: Building a Company Culture That Your Employees Love

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek, author, Start with Why Why does company culture seem to be all the buzz right now? Several employers have reported that a strong culture has proven to improve retention and engagement. That being said, it’s beneficial to build a company […]

Expert Panel: Equipment Tracking Methods That Work

One of the challenges that many cleaning and restoration owners face is keeping track of all the equipment they own. Thorough equipment tracking can help businesses save on time and costs, increase customer satisfaction, and drive scalability.  We reached out to industry experts and asked them to weigh in on their successful equipment tracking methods […]

Expert Panel: Setting & Achieving Annual Goals

A smart CEO understands the value of creating New Year’s Resolutions not only for their personal lives, but in regards to their business as well. As you look back on 2021, consider what’s worked for your business and areas that need improvement. Analyzing past performance is a great way to start planning for the future! […]

Expert Panel: How Do You Get Good Reviews?

Online reviews are one of the first things people look at when buying a product or choosing a service. In fact, 79 percent of shoppers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. We live in a society that’s heavily influenced by online reviews, which is why it’s crucial to get as many […]