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content marketing, digital marketing, restoration marketingContent, content, content – the driving force behind any brand and marketing strategy. What most people don’t realize, however, is the difference between content and content marketing. 

Content can be considered as a single post, ebook, blog, video, etc. that doesn’t really lead a potential customer through the marketing funnel. 

Content marketing, on the other hand, is all about consistency and walking an audience through an experience to achieve your marketing objectives. The best content marketing is made possible by having an organized content calendar.

Make A Plan. See Results.

A content calendar not only helps bring your creative ideas to life, but it helps you market them across multiple platforms in an organized and efficient manner. 

At Spot on Solutions, we’ve created a content calendar to help us track and optimize social media postings, blog posts, birthdays, and company events. Here are some reasons why you should consider using a calendar to organize your content. 

Stay Organized & On Track

When it comes to getting organized, it’s no fun relying on notebook scribbles and sticky notes to stay on track. Don’t let holidays, marketing campaigns, or important company events slip by. With a content calendar, you can always know what’s coming up and plan posts accordingly. 

A calendar is especially nice because it provides a big picture overview of planned posts. You can quickly gather the information you need to see what’s already been posted, what’s coming up, and what you expect to see in a couple weeks. This method is much more effective than scrambling to come up with a last minute, on the spot post.

Brainstorm Your Ideas

When it comes to content creation, you always need to be generating new ideas. You can include a brainstorm section in your content calendar so you can easily work through and transfer post ideas into the scheduler.

Content calendars are also excellent for team collaboration. At Spot On Solutions, we use a shared content calendar that team members are able to contribute their ideas on. Working as a team can lead to surges of creativity that can generate new ideas. 

Repurpose Content For Multiple Platforms

Content that’s already organized is easier to sift through and repurpose for multiple platforms. Have a blog post? Share it on social media or create a video about it. Want to provide an informational brochure for your clients? Link it in a blog post. Do you have internal data from the different jobs you perform? Create a case study. Repurposing allows you to make full use of your creative ideas.

Get Organized With Spot On Solutions

Get on track to making the most of your content in a planned and organized fashion. At Spot On Solutions, we have a content calendar that we’re happy to share with you as we schedule out your postings. We will optimize your content marketing strategy so you can meet your business goals from month to month!