Creating A Better Environment For Your Team

personality testing for skilled tradesWhen you are in the business of skilled trades, you know a thing or two about hard work and working with all different types of workers. Not only is the manual labor involved in tasking, but the conditions are most often less than desirable. In order to be successful in this industry, it’s vital to have a solid team that will work well together and works hard. Without excellent communication skills and a commitment to understanding, completing any skilled trade job can become a big problem. 

Personality Testing For Skilled Trades Business

If you are looking to build a stronger and more effective team within your business, Spot On Solutions can help. By utilizing personality testing within your company, you will improve working relationships and will also substantially reduce conflict within your organization. Here are just a few of our favorite benefits that personality testing can have on your business.

  1. Increase Self-Awareness: In order to exact any change within a group or company, it will always start within the individual. The more knowledge each individual has about their own personality traits, the more self-aware they will become. To increase self-awareness, studies have shown that personality testing helps individuals learn how they respond to and solve conflicts, what their stressors are and how they affect them, and what their drive is. Overall, when self-awareness increases, employee satisfaction improves.
  2. Improvement In Teamwork: You have probably heard the saying, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’ This statement is true to the core of its success. We have found that profile testing teaches team members how to more effectively communicate with each other and greatly improves understanding amongst themselves. It helps each member of your business recognize how others might respond in different situations and how they can better help each other based on their different personalities. Utilizing personality testing gives each member of your team the tools and resources needed to work better together.
  3. Conflict Resolution: In every job, there is always going to be conflict, especially within labor-intensive jobs. Conflict is nearly impossible to avoid and can make it hard on businesses. This will benefit your company substantially when you invest in ways to productively manage and solve conflicts that arise. One of the many benefits of this type of investment is understanding why the conflict has occurred in the first place, giving you more knowledge on how that conflict can be resolved. Conflict always presents an opportunity for positive and productive growth when you understand the different personality profiles of your team members. 

We could go on and on about the benefits that can come from investing in personality testing but don’t just take our word for it – you can try it for yourself. Thousands of organizations have utilized this type of testing from government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, to small business and non-profit organizations. With the type of work you do in skilled trade services, it can greatly benefit you as well. Contact Spot On Solutions today for more information on personality testing and begin bringing your team closer to one another, creating a successful business outcome.

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