Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Restoration Company

Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Restoration CompanyAt Spot On Solutions, we take pride in taking the guesswork out of digital marketing and providing you with state of the art resources that keep you up to date and thriving in this digital age. The success of both small and large companies is dependent on not only the quality of work they provide but the reach within their community. By working together we can create a unique presence online with digital marketing and provide an additional edge giving you a lead on your competitors.

We have found statistically that digital marketing increases sales and gives a greater return on investment versus word of mouth and print marketing. Most people find themselves spending a large majority of their time online so why not take advantage of places people are already hanging out. Check out this cool article on some mind-blowing statistics on why digital marketing works 99+ Mind-Blowing Digital Marketing Statistics (2022) ( When moving to a digital marketing platform whether it be through social media (I.e., Facebook, Instagram etc.) or a website with weekly blogs, your customer base is bound to expand. I like to use the analogy of a sign on a store or a billboard on a highway, you are limited by the community and the local population. With digital marketing your reach is virtually unlimited.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Restoration Company

We thrive on creating a digital marketing plan and strategy for restoration companies. Some of the unique ways we do so is through:

1. Social Media Management

We know marketing and we know where to find the people. Over 80% of people ages 18-35 are on some form of social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. These platforms are amazing publicity and are some of the first places people look for recommendations on service providers in their area. Check out the following links Social media marketing statistics and mind-blowing facts [ 2022 ] – Bing video to learn more on why social media is right for you. We always recommend having a social media manager in your back pocket.

2. Website Design and Management

We know with restoration your focus is the customer and getting their needs met as quickly as possible, whether it be from fire damage or flooding, your attention doesn’t need to be divided with the management of a website. Our team at Spot On Solutions is highly skilled at providing and designing a professional website customized to you, no more of that cookie cutter, one -size fits all type, with content that is proven to drive sales and get your phone ringing. 

3. Search Engine Optimization

If you’re ready to take your restoration company to the next level and start showing up on the number one search engine –Google, we offer a long-proven strategy through the use of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO’s. With over 5 million searches on google we want to make sure YOU are being seen. Check out this informative article on why SEO’s are vital to your business 15 Benefits of SEO That Show Why Your Company Needs SEO ( Using high quality and high-volume keywords you will no longer lose customers to competitors who are outranking you in search engines. With our SEO you will be kept up to date on how much traffic and how many calls are being driven to your company. 

At Spot on Solutions we believe in big things. We are driven to excel. We do the right thing and are genuine and honest as we work with each other and clients. We help each other face challenges with optimism and value collaboration to elevate everyone. Our goal is to elevate you and your business and we love seeing people succeed. We prioritize our clients and their needs so you can take care of your clients and theirs. We know the value of people and we know the benefits of a successful digital marketing strategy. Give us a call today and let’s get your phone ringing!

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