How To Analyze Digital Marketing Costs

digital marketing costsSo you’ve decided to invest in digital marketing for your business. You’re heading in the right direction. With the number of online searches increasing every day, you want to make sure your restoration company is visible to those searching for your services. A key factor in digital marketing visibility is your budget, which leads to the question – how much should your digital marketing costs be?

When marketing in the cleaning and restoration industry, there are many key factors that come into play when determining the best budget and strategy for you. This includes knowing your specific business goals, learning from past successes and failures, understanding the market, and enlisting the help of professional advice. Once you’re able to check these items off the list, you’ll know how much to spend and the best way to utilize your budget.

How To Analyze Your Digital Marketing Costs

Evaluate Your Goals

Knowing your business goals is critical in coming up with an effective marketing strategy. Do you want more leads? Increased brand awareness? More loyal customers? Whatever your goals are, a uniquely customized marketing strategy can be implemented to help you prioritize your tactics, narrow your focus, and rise above the competition. 

In some instances, reaching a certain goal may require more aggressive spending in order to capture leads. While it’s more money upfront, the return on investment will be worth it.

Analyze Past Efforts

If you’re continuing services or switching from another marketing agency, knowing your past numbers can help in adjusting and improving your strategy moving forward. Some questions to consider are what marketing approaches were implemented last year, which were the most successful, which have the potential for more growth, which ones were duds, etc. You might consider investing more of your budget on proven successful strategies or put more money toward improving the bad ones. 

Whether you’re measuring your PPC, SEO or social media marketing, it’s important to conduct a brief postmortem to determine what’s going to be the most effective marketing strategy in helping you reach your goals.

Know Your Market

Another key budget determinant is knowing what market you’re swimming in. Who are your competitors? What is your target audience? What services are in high demand? What are the trends in your specific location? When you understand your market, you’ll know where to direct your budget funds, as well as the best approach to use.

At Spot On Solutions, we always recommend a starting budget based on your area. After establishing some good data from running ads, we will help determine if a budget increase would be beneficial or not. 

Confide In The Experts

When you sign on with Spot On Solutions, you’ll be assigned to an account manager who can consult you when determining ad spend and where to prioritize efforts. We understand the industry trends, the right keywords to use, and how to analyze your numbers. After the initial consultation, our account managers will continue to strategically manage your accounts to ensure they’re performing to your expectations. 

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