Marketing Trends To Implement In 2021

digital marketing strategy digital marketing trends, restoration marketingAt Spot On Solutions, we’re always studying the latest marketing trends to deliver the leads you’re looking for. As we move into a new year, here are five marketing trends to keep in mind as you continue to grow your cleaning and restoration business. 

5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

1. Faster Load Time Can Improve Rankings

Fast loading websites aren’t just a matter of preference. It’s also integral to the success of your website and reaching higher rankings. In this fast-paced world, people are more likely to bounce from website to website if they’re not satisfied with the load time. In fact, 25% of visitors abandon a website if it takes more than four seconds to load. Search engines are able to pick up on these bounce rates and will bring down a website’s ranking if its performance is low. 

2. Increased Focus On Local SEO 

When you’re in the cleaning and restoration industry, you want to ensure the people in your service areas have every opportunity to find you. A special emphasis on local SEO strategies can be the key to getting your services in front of the right people at the right time. 

3. Continued Covid Assessment

As the economy recovers in a new direction, cleaning and restoration businesses will need to decipher which new customer behaviors and expectations will stick, and which will change. People may continue wanting deep cleaning and sanitation services for their homes and businesses or cutting back on restoration projects because they think it’ll save them money. Whatever it is, it would be wise to do a deep analysis of your customer base, study their patterns, make necessary adjustments, and advertise to their needs. 

4. Higher Emphasis On Search Intent Rather Than Keywords

The earlier days of Google called for specific keywords or phrases to rank high on search pages. Sometimes they had to be specific to the point that phrases didn’t make much sense in the context of the articles or web content. 

As Google’s algorithms have improved, rankability is much more focused on search intent – which is the motive behind a user’s search query. Do they want to buy a service? Are they looking for restoration tips? Do they want to compare companies before making a decision? When searching for keywords and phrases, it’s important to consider the intent of a reader and address the answers they’re looking for. 

5. Rise Of Voice Search

Devices like Google Home and Alexa have created a boom for voice search. Imagine a potential customer in the midst of dealing with an unexpected leak in their home. Chances are, their hands are too full to do an internet or smartphone search. They will most likely summon a voice search device to look up the nearest cleaning and restoration company to them. When choosing phrases and keywords for voice search, be sure to include keywords based on what users would ask Google, Alexa, or Siri. 

Get Ahead With The Marketing Experts At Your Side

So there you have it – five marketing trends to help grow your business in 2021. Change is constant in the marketing world, and we want to help you stay on top. Contact the team at Spot On Solutions to get your personalized 2021 marketing strategy underway.

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