Does Your Restoration Company Have A Great Website?

A great way to help increase customers to your business is to get a website designed for your restoration company. However, just having a website isn’t going to be enough. It’s easy to get a website started, but creating and maintaining a website can be a great deal of work. You also want to make sure you have a great website that is appealing to your customers. Key factors that you need to consider when putting a website together is that it needs to be useful, appealing, fast loading, updated often, and most importantly, functional.

Turn Your Ideas into Strategies

First, start by taking your ideas and turning them into a clear strategy to put towards your website. Be sure to keep in mind what you specifically want to include into your website, the content that will be displayed, and how people will navigate their way through your website. If you are designing your website on your own, be sure to get familiar with the templates and wireframes so you are able to get an idea of how your website will look and function for your customers. However, customers aren’t going to be able to find you if you are ranked low on Google.

Attract More Customers

With Google’s new update to display ads differently, this could be a great way to attract more customers to your restoration company’s website and to help promote your business more locally. Along with this new update, you can click on “More Places” in the main Google search, displaying local results near you. Your restoration company and your website have a new way to get to top of the search results. Also, when customers click on your ad, it will put a pin where your location is on the displayed map, offer directions, and will pull up a link to your website.

Google has also announced changes to how the ads will be displayed in Google Maps. Google will now only display ads that include location extensions in Maps, and regular text ads will not be featured. Another big change is that Google Maps will now no longer be considered part of Search Partners. Google has also already alerted advertisers and Maps has been removed from the listing of Google sites.

Advertisers that do use location extensions but had opted out of Search Partners will now be able to have their ads shown in Maps and may see an increase in impressions, clicks, as well as having their ads showing up there. However, advertisers that don’t use location extensions but were opted into Search Partners could see a drop in impressions. This will mean more advertisers will be included in Maps ad auctions.

With having a professional website, and being on Google’s local search marketing, you could expect to have more customers come to your restoration company’s website. This will make it easier for businesses to contact you and to find your website easier. If you have a well-designed website, you can soon expect to attract more clients and customers to you between Google’s new update and your website.

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