Does Your Website Suck?

When your customers or potential customers go to your website, what do they see?

Does your website open an inviting door for them to enter, or does the door slam in their face and cause them to go elsewhere?  Think about it.

Your website is doing 1 of 2 things:

  • Convincing a potential client to “come on in and stay awhile.” (We call this “capturing them,” which in turn motivates them to call you up and schedule a job.
  • Or drive them away to parts unknown.” Except for the ‘parts unknown’ is really just across town to your competition.

Does Your Website Fall Short? 

We talk to cleaning & restoration business owners daily who share very similar stories about what their current website lacks.

See if these things sound familiar:

  • My website is not “mobile friendly” (or “responsive” as it’s called in the techy world). Do you know that
 48% of all your customers use a mobile device to search for your company? When they find you on their smartphone and your website looks just like it does on a desktop – goodbye! They just “bounced” off your site, found your competitor’s mobile site, and called them.
  • My website loads reeeeeeeeeally slowly.  Customers are not patient. Especially when it comes to needing emergency services now. If your website loads slowly, you can bet that a large portion of potential clients are going somewhere else.
  • My website lacks “capturing content.” We’ve found that because many websites are built “in-house” or worse, by someone who doesn’t know and understand the cleaning and restoration industry, often the content is written to a competitor rather than to a customer.  Is yours?
  • My website is not easy to update. A lot of website design companies “hand-cuff” a business owner by making it difficult to add fresh, new content to their site.
  • My website looks “Out-of-Date.” This is self-explanatory!
  • My website CAN’T be found by customers and potential customers. The website lacks the “backside language” (code) that makes it visible to search engines.

If these things describe your website and you know that your website sucks (as you know, that’s a technical term in the cleaning & restoration industry), why aren’t you doing something about it?

I guess that the reason is probably a combination of the following:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of know-how  
  3. Lack of cash flow

 Am I Right? …today is your lucky day!

Spot On Solutions offers a Website Solutions plan to fit your company’s needs. Which is right for you?

1. If your business & marketing plan includes full web design and a complete digital marketing strategy – we have a plan for you!

2. Perhaps your needs and budget don’t have room for the full enchilada, but you need a new & fresh look to your website – we have a plan for you!

No matter where you’re currently at in your business, Spot On Solutions is in the business of helping cleaning & restoration companies accomplish their goals.

The era of your company’s online success is about to change. If you’re ready to take your company to the next level of business success – Spot On Solutions is ready to help.

Call us today to get started! 1-888-724-8893.

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