Facebook Changing How Your News Feed Works

With over one billion users per month and fourteen billion dollars generated in revenue in the year of 2014 Facebook is a prime means of advertising. In a recent update to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, businesses that employ Facebook as a means of advertising should be aware of this change. While from the outset this change may seem costly to business there are hidden benefits that Spot on Solutions can help bring out.

Friends & Family Take Priority

The change in Facebook’s new algorithm puts a higher priority on family and friends in its news feeds. This means content posted by brands and businesses such as links, videos, and photos will show up less prominently. Facebook is trying to maximize the amount of interesting and pertinent content appearing in its user’s news feeds. This change will have less of an effect, however, when it comes to content commented on, liked, and shared. Spot on Solutions is very aware of this change and will work hard to ensure clients are using Facebook as an effective form of advertising.

As we’ve seen in past Facebook changes, it is difficult to know exactly how this change will impact business pages on Facebook, but there are some solutions to maintaining maximum traffic.

Maximize Your Traffic

First, keeping content authentic and being inclusive of all viewpoints and sources is key to avoiding stale material that will receive low traffic on news feeds. Another tactic that will be crucial to success is the amplification of brand content. With Facebook now favoring content that has already been commented on, liked, and shared the content put out by your business needs to be informative, entertaining, and worthwhile.

You want to publish content that is valuable to your clients and potential clients. When you do this they will interact with your content allowing more and more of their friends to see it.  This can dramatically increase your reach and put you in front of even more people. While this change may seem like a hindrance to businesses at first glance, there is the underlying blessing it can bring. The benefit is that the focus will become more on impactful content that friends and family of users will interact with. As a focus is placed on more impressive, quality content this will allow things to even out in the end because an increase in quality, not quantity will bring more customers in.

We all know Facebook is a prime avenue for advertising, and it should be used to its fullest capacity. This recent development in Facebook’s new algorithm will be a change moving forward for all businesses and how they employ Facebook for marketing purposes.

Spot on Solutions is here to help you move forward and become even stronger in your online marketing with this change. While the quantity and reach of your posts may not be as high due to the fact that a greater priority is given to family members and friends, you can expect the quality to be consistent and appealing to all your potential clients which will benefit your business in the long run. Expect to be even more patient with your Facebook marketing, but stay consistent product great content.

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