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What's Included in the Facebook Full-Throttle Program?

  • Get Engagement

    We’ll show you how to use all forms of content for maximum engagement

  • Newsjacking & Storytelling

    We’re going to show you the connection between storytelling and massive engagement

  • Understand Your Audience

    Learn tips and tricks on how to go “undercover” and find exactly what your fans love

  • Get More Page Likes

    Learn to use Facebook Ads to increase your page likes

  • Boosting vs Targeted Ads

    Learn the difference between boosting posts & running Facebook ads without breaking the bank!

  • Ads Manager vs. Power Editor

    Learn all about the advantages of each system and how you can benefit your page to make more $$$!

  • Combine Ads + Content

    We’ll show you how to combine advertising and content to grow your email list and revenue!

  • Understand Facebook Insights

    We’ll help you understand Facebook insights and take advantage of what the numbers are telling you.

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Also Included!

Get A Free, Custom 30-Minute Consultation!

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  3. Get personal tips and advice on exactlyhow to make Facebook work for your business needs.

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3 Fully Loaded Training Modules

How to Set Up Your Business and Boost Your Brand on Facebook.
How to Create Great Content to get more Likes, Comments, Shares and Clicks.
How to Put a Strategy in Place to Turn Your Fans into Email Subscribers.
How to Craft Facebook Promotions That Will Boost Your Sales.


30 Minute Personal Facebook Consultation.
50 Custom Made Inspirational Quotes.
Full Throttle Playbook

Was $497. Special Only $297. 
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Using ads and consulting the team and knowledge assembled here helped us turn around our business and find revenue in places we didn't have before. We never thought we could make Facebook profitable before using these strategies!

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver
The Prepared Pantry

Was $497. Special Only $297. 
(Or 2 Payments of $174). 

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