Being to "salesy" on Facebook can hurt you

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In video one I shared with you how important it is to post consistently on Facebook in order to make FB Marketing effective for your business. Seriously, even if you avoid all the other mistakes that I’m going to talk about, and do them perfectly, if you don’t do it all consistently –you might as well not waste your time on FB marketing. It’s that important.

So, let’s talk about Mistake #2.

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When marketing on FB, cleaners and restorers make the mistake of being “to salesy” and promotional in their posts.

That’s right, as your building and working with your FB audience, the “reach” of your posts to your target audience will be “throttled” if FB considers them too promotional or if you’re deliberately trying to sell your cleaning or restoration services. For example a post that says – “Call Now to get our Spring Carpet Cleaning Special – 3 Rooms for the Price of 2.” Probably going to be considered by FB to be too promotional or too salesy.

Now easy there Trigger, I can see that you’re getting a little anxious and edgy there. Right now you’re saying,

“What? You’re telling me to invest all this time and money into marketing on FB and I can’t even SELL anything? That’s Ridiculous! Right?

Now calm down – let me explain… It will all make sense here shortly.

First of all, there are a few things Facebook is NOT.

It’s not a digital Yellow Page Ad nor is it a massive electronic version of a “Val-Pak” envelope that gets delivered every day. What it is however is a giant place where people go to hang out and get to know each other better.

Here’s the thing to remember: Facebook is a “social” network. That means that people go there to “socialize” with their friends and family. They go there to “keep in touch” with people or companies that they have a relationship with and they “check in” on the things they find interesting.

They don’t go there to be SOLD a bunch of crap.

Consider this: Ultimately, Facebooks’ customers are it’s users – not it’s advertisers. And FB is constantly aiming to create a better social experience for its “customers”. So, a few years ago, Facebook conducted a massive survey. And from the results of that survey, Facebook found that users were getting annoyed with Pages that only promoted their own products or services. Bottom line, People don’t like to be aggressively targeted by ads on FB.

So, in an effort to please their customers, Facebook changed things. All of a sudden, Posts that solely pushed people to buy a product, asked people to enter gimmicky promotions, or reused the exact same content from ads saw a huge decrease in their organic reach.

Like it or not, it does make a lot of sense. I mean would you log on to Facebook every day if all you saw in your newsfeed was a bunch of ads. I think We both know the answer to that, am I right?

And so, when FB sees a post that they consider to be too promotional or salesy – they simply don’t show it to anyone.

So, how do you effectively market on FB and avoid being punished for being to salesy? Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Be Social - It’s called social media for a reason: you have to be social with your

community!  Don’t treat your Facebook page like your company’s website and just promote your products, services or pricing. Good Facebook marketing sparks a dialogue within your community with relevant, personal or entertaining posts.

2. Nurture Relationships - Build and nurture relationships with your Facebook followers. Create conversations around the things that you post and make sure to follow up with the people who comment on your posts.

3. Lead with Value - Instead of asking prospects to buy directly from social, educate them and build a relationship with them.

4. Finally, try sharing content that your audience would find useful and then Link from your content to a related offer on your website, on a blog post, or other landing page.

It seems a bit counter-intuitive, but both experience and data have proven that: As soon as you STOP selling on Facebook (and do it the right way), you actually start making SALES.

And that’s how to avoid mistake #2.

And we’re just getting things cookin. Make sure you join me in my next video where I jump into mistake #3. See you soon.

And BTW -  After you've watched the video, I'd love to hear from you.  I'd love to know if you found this info helpful and what successes or struggles you've experienced with posting (or not posting) consistently to FB.  

Write your comments in the section below.  I appreciate it.

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