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Hi there.  Can you believe we’re already into Video 3?

By the way, I’m Derek Preece.  And in this video series, I’ve set out to share with you all about the

5 Biggest Facebook Marketing Mistakes Cleaners and Restorers Make and How to Avoid Them.

In video #1 I talked about how important it is to be consistent with your FB marketing efforts and in your posts.

In video #2 we tackled how to avoid being too salesy and too promotional in your posts.

By the way, if you want to see videos 1 and 2 again, that’s no problem.  I’ve made them easily accessible to you right over there on the sidebar of this webpage.  Watch’em anytime.

So here’s mistake #3

In marketing on FB, cleaners and restorers often deliver a whole lot of content with out very much connection.

I think this mistake is best described with my “grocery store” analogy.

There are basically 3 types of people that you see at the grocery store.  Those who don’t know you, those who know you as a casual acquaintance,  and those who know you well and are friends with you.

So when you go to the grocery store most of your time is spent minding your own business with your eyes and your thoughts on the task at hand – grocery shopping.  Right?  You see a whole lot of strangers who may give you a quick glance and who may even say a quick “hi”, but for the most part they ignore you all together and focus on what they are there to do – shop for groceries.

On occasion, you run into those casual acquaintances... they maybe haven’t seen you for a long time and really don’t remember you or have much in common with you.  The dialogue with these people is a little bit different than those who don’t know you.  They may slow down pushing their cart a bit to acknowledge you, say a quick hi howya’doin or may even give you a wave. But for the most part, it’s pretty much the same.  They quickly continue on down the isle.

And then there are the people that know you really well, your friends that you run into and all of a sudden, the purpose of their visit to the grocery store (buying groceries) takes a back seat to how important it is to stop and “catch up”.  “Hi, how ya been?  How’s your wife, how’s your husband?  Let’s go out to dinner...

You’ve been there, right?  We’ve all been there.  But how does that story relate to a mistake #3?

Here’s how – in the first 2 examples, all of the people who saw you were given ‘content’.  YOU!  But they didn’t receive any “connection”.  So, even though they saw you, you were quickly forgotten.  But, to your friend who ran into you, it was different.  There was plenty of content (you) but there was also a lot of connection. (Warm, interesting, personal and exciting dialogue.)  You’re going to be remembered and talked about by your friend for quite a while after you’re gone.  And he or she is looking forward to the next time they see you.

And that’s how cleaners and restorer’s fall victim to mistake #3.  They deliver a whole lot of content with very little connection.  They’re more like the stranger than a friend.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid mistake #3:

1st – Connect emotionally with your fans.  Post interesting, fun and compelling photos.  And add catchy captions to them.

Next – Use Video.  Oh my goodness.   Video helps you connect in ways that nothing else can.  Make your videos fun, informative, real and authentic.  Smart phones make it so easy to take advantage of great video.

3rd – Share interesting posts from other relevant pages.  When you see great posts on Facebook that you know your audience would enjoy.  Share them – but make sure you add your own witty or clever caption to the post.

And finally – Join In the conversation – Don’t interrupt it.  This is a biggie because if you want people to like your company they’ve got to know that you’re interested in what they’re interested in.

Remember, In FB marketing, the connection has to come first.   You’ve got to connect “emotionally”.

And that’s how to avoid mistake #3.  Do me a big favor and if these videos have been helpful or if you have questions, please leave me a quick comment below.  I read every one and I love your feedback.

Now stay tuned for my next video where I reveal Mistake #4.

Talk to you soon.

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