Failing to have a defined strategy 

This mistake encompasses the meat and potatoes of the whole Facebook Marketing Mistakes series, because when it comes to building “real engagement” on Facebook and getting more of your audience to see your posts this mistake needs to be avoided at all costs.

Here’s what it is - No Clear-cut Strategy with your posts.

Here’s what I mean…

(watch the video here)

When it comes to how “important, interesting, or relevant” a post is to your fans, Facebook measures a posts’ “engagement”. And how they measure it is by the number of “likes, shares, comments and clicks” a particular post gets. Not on how many views it gets.

So, it’s pretty simple.  If you want more of your fans to see your posts, you’ve got to get them to engage with you by liking, commenting, sharing or clicking.  Pretty simple, right?

It is if you have a conscious and clear-cut strategy to do so instead of just posting randomly and leaving the important stuff out.

And what is the important stuff?  Here are a couple of tips:

1. Tell your fans what to do. Remember that people are more likely to do what you want them to do IF you tell them what it is that you want them to do.  Use CTA’s (calls to action) that encourage them to like, comment, share or click.  It can be as simple as ending your caption with the phrase, “Like if you agree” or “Post your comments below” or “Click to read more”.

2.Don’t be afraid to be a little personal with your fans and let them get to know YOU and your Company. Occasionally take them “behind the scenes” into the inter-sanctums of your company.  Show them the fun side, the real side and the cool side of your company but remember to keep it professional.

And these are some great ways to build engagement in your FB marketing.

And BTW -  After you've watched the video, I'd love to hear from you.  I'd love to know if you found this info helpful and what successes or struggles you've experienced with posting (or not posting) consistently to FB.  

Write your comments in the section below.  I appreciate it.

Best of success to you,


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