Facebook: Tips and Tricks on Getting More Likes

Your success on Facebook can be measured by the number of people you like your Facebook Page. The more fans, likes and engagement your page has makes it easier for you to successfully promote your products and services on Facebook. The real challenge is convincing users to like your Facebook Page. If you are struggling to get those page likes keep reading for some useful tips and tricks on how you can attract more Facebook fans.

Are You Consistent?

Are you consistently posting new, quality content on your Facebook Page? Many page owners will start off solid with a few good posts but will fail to maintain it. Posting quality content on a regular basis will help your page get the views it deserves.

Not sure on how much you should be posting? A good rule of thumb to start with is one post per day. If you don’t have the time to create a post every day plan on using Facebook’s scheduling feature.

Are You Verified?

Many users hare wary of liking or following new Facebook Pages if they are not verified. In this day and age anyone can create a new Facebook Page and claim to be the owner of a business. Facebook has a great tool that allows you to verify your page to put wary users at easy.

To enable verification you will start by going to your page settings – Page Verification– Verify this Page – Get Started. Facebook will send you an automated phone call with a 4-digit PIN. Input this PIN in the suggested field and ta-dah! You will receive a verified badge.

Are You Posting Quality Content?

If you’re creating overly promotional posts you probably won’t be receiving many likes. Users like to see interesting and engaging content. Posting quality content such as, how-tos, quotes, current events, etc., will encourage more likes, shares and comments.

How to Post for Engagement

  1. Get their attention. Highlight interesting points from your articles.
  2. Post timely content. Create posts that coincide with news stories, upcoming events or holidays.
  3. Post when your Fans are online. View your insights to find out when the best time to post is.
  4. Use CTA’s (Calls To Actions). Add easy to follow call to actions to your posts. Users are more likely to click on a link, share, like or comment if you ask them to.

Are You Promoting Your Posts?

You should be actively promoting your post in order for users to like your Facebook Page. If you want to generate a strong following you need to do some advertising.

Facebook implemented the Edgerank algorithm to reduce spam posts and raise the quality of shared posts. Unfortunately, that meant a massive decline in exposure and pages likes for most business pages.  As a result, Facebook Ads are now one of the best ways to generate more likes with minimal investment.
You can find more detailed information about Edgerank by checking out this article by MackWebSolutions.

These tips and tricks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways of improving your Facebook post engagement. To get a more in depth view on how you can increase your Facebook fan base and page likes check out Spot On Solution’s Free webinar! Click Here!


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