Get Your 2021 Social Media Marketing Strategy Ready With Spot On Solutions

social media marketing, social media strategy, social media marketing tips, social mediaAs 2020 comes to an end, we’re probably well accustomed to change and readjusting our business strategies to fit the times. Are you ready to keep up with change and adopt a new social media marketing strategy for 2021? At Spot On Solutions, we’re already thinking ahead and will work to boost your online presence by implementing the following tactics in your social media marketing strategy:

Images And Videos Are A Must Have

This year has been the time for people to engage in short-form videos. Adding a visual aspect to your postings will statistically increase views and engagement. Consider posting a video of the water mitigation process, customer testimonials, or posting employee spotlight photos. The possibilities are endless when it comes to videos and images. According to 99 Firms, 83% of US marketers are confident in Facebook video ads driving purchases. 87% of them are confident when it comes to driving views, and 86% think they’re effective in increasing engagement. These numbers are expected to rise in 2021, meaning you’ll want to be present with online videos when that growth takes place.

Analyze Your Competitors

Constructing an effective social media marketing strategy also includes knowing what your competitors are doing. In fact, it’s impossible to be competitive without analyzing your competitors. Next time you’re scrolling through your Facebook, be sure to jump over to some competitor sites and see if their strategies will work well with your brand too. 

There are also a variety of analytics tools that are accessible online. These tools can provide an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ strategies. On top of looking at analytics, it’s wise to gather information on your competitors’ pages. This includes looking at the type of content they post, what keywords they target, and who their target audience is. When you know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, you can learn from their strengths to create similar, or better content. Knowing and targeting their weaknesses can give you leverage in gaining more followers and better promote your business.

Get Personal

With all the competing attention online, it’s easy for your target audience to divert away from your message. Stand out by getting personal with your viewers. Instead of always creating content that promotes your brand or services, try introducing your team members or share your business story. It’s refreshing to see the face(s) behind a brand or company and get a sense of authenticity. Plus, adding a personalized touch in an ad saturated world can help your potential customers stay with you long enough to engage with your content and build relationships. 

Get Your 2021 Social Media Strategy In Place With Spot On Solutions

If you’re looking to improve your social media strategy this coming year, connect with the social media specialists at Spot On Solutions. We’ve studied the trends, mastered the strategies, and will work with you to deliver the results you want in 2021. Connect with us for a free consultation today.

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