What It Means To Be A Google Premier Partner

google premier partner, digital marketing companyThere are some pretty great perks associated with being a Google Premier Partner. We reap some pretty amazing rewards from the famous search engine, but being a Google Premier Partner means so much more to us than what we get from Google. For the past 3 years, we have been so grateful and excited to be a Google Premier Partner because of what that partnership allows us to do for our clients.Spot On Solutions specializes in web design and development, search engine optimization, and paid advertising for cleaning companies and restoration companies. Not only are we experienced and familiar with Google Ads and Google Analytics, but we are certified in both. Our employees are individually certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics to manage our clients accounts the best way possible. Google isn’t just part of what we do – it IS what we do. Whether it comes to ranking #1 in organic search or #1 in paid advertising, Spot On Solutions can get you there.There is more to being a Google Partner than being Google Certified. The “Premier” status comes from several criteria that a company must meet in order to qualify.

  1. We must of multiple Google Certified employees.
  2. We must show demonstrated growth in Google Ads campaign performance.
  3. We must meet higher ad spend requirements.

Lucky for us, we do.

Because digital marketing has become an essential part of advertising, it makes sense that higher ad spend is a requirement. Our clients do increase their ad spend to accommodate their own growth. The more people spend on Google Advertising, the more Google can reward them and allow them to participate in more types of digital marketing, like advertising through Gmail and Youtube.

What Else Does Being A Google Premier Partner Do For Us?

Like I said, being a Google Partner is not without its perks. We are given constant opportunities to grow and develop our skills. We are provided with consistent education so that our team can keep up with the ever-changing world of online marketing. As Google advances in strategy and advertising development, we get to stay ahead of everyone else with exclusive training from our Google Marketing Reps.

When our digital marketing pros get stuck – we are not without immediate support. Being a Google Partner allows us access to experts in Google products to help us troubleshoot any problem. Our personal Google Team provides cutting-edge information and performance support so that every one of our clients has a winning experience and is allowed the opportunity to grow and profit.

We Might Brag…Just A Little!

All of our team members are proud of our Google Partner status. We know that we have to work hard and provide fantastic results for Google to allow us a partnership with them. We are always grateful to Google and our Google Team for the constant support and benefits we are given and are able to share with our clients to help them reach their internal marketing goals. Because of our partnership with Google, we feel like an extension of them. That is the partnership we wish to have with our clients and their marketing teams. We want our clients to think of us as an extension of their team – we want to share our knowledge with you so that you can make the best decisions possible to help your company grow.

For more information about our amazing digital marketing services and what we can do to help you, contact our team today!

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