Google’s New Algorithm Change: How Does Your Website Measure Up?

travel booking, hotels and flights reservation on the screen of smartphone

In July 2018, Google released a new and pretty huge algorithm change that will affect the way that business owner’s websites are ranked on Google. We know that Google has different requirements that websites must follow to remain competitive and in the online consumer’s eye, this is yet another one.

With the advances in technology, we as consumers are able to purchase just about anything from anywhere with our mobile devices. We can easily order kids’ school supplies while waiting for an oil change, we can purchase vehicles online and even receive mental health services through phones, tablets, and ipads. Because of the convenience, mobile users now heavily outweigh desktop users.

Google’s new algorithm update changed the way their bots index websites and mobile-friendly websites are being given preference over websites that are not designed to accommodate mobile visitors. It will be difficult for businesses to compete with their competitors that have caught on to the idea that this is a necessary change if they want to be able to reach the major population. Mobile users simply will not sit around and wait for a website to load on their mobile device when another website will move as quickly as their minds are thinking.

Google’s algorithm change isn’t meant to burden business owners with another stress. Google wants business owners to understand how consumers are changing their purchasing methods and want to help them keep up with an ever-changing industry and improve the user experience.

If your website is not exactly mobile-friendly, Google will penalize you and you will start seeing your metrics drop. Mobile-friendly sites do not take long to create and will really appeal to your audience in more ways than one. In this digital world – you need to be digital to keep your business flourishing.

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