Guest Blog: Strategically Managing Your Business Development In Restoration

irestore, restoration management, restoration company managementContributed By Lisa Lavender, iRestore

In the world of restoration and emergency services, strategic marketing and relationship development can be very complicated.  There is not a right or wrong; there are a variety of successful strategies that can be built and executed.  Ultimately, one could say that the optimal mix is:

  1. An approach that builds a long-term relationship built on a foundation of trust.
  2. The company name remains top of mind for those who have a loss or those who can potentially refer a loss.

Story of Happy Customer and a Referral

Happy Customer had a loss 8 years ago.  They were thrilled and thankful for your company’s service.  You have successfully engaged them in your social media and send them periodic emails.  Your company name stays top of mind because you are periodically touching them with your initiatives and engagement.

Happy Customer has a neighbor, a tree fell on their house, and heavy rain poured in causing damage.  Joe and Jane Waterloss are distraught.  Happy Customer without hesitation refers you, AWESOME Restoration Company.

Without hesitation, Joe and Jane Waterloss pull out their phone and search AWESOME Restoration Company.  There is nothing appearing on the first or second page; they give up and just call GOOD Restoration Company.

Unknowingly, a new customer was lost.

What if you had not been engaging Happy Customer consistently over the last eight years?  Would they have remembered your name or thought to refer you?

This is just an example of how we must strategically and proactively manage our presence and relationship building approaches.  Today, more than ever, strategic, and consistent marketing is critical to maintaining and growing your restoration company.

A couple of things to consider:

  1. Information management: It is of critical importance to have software and systems in place that efficiently allow you to manage all your contacts, initiatives, and offer robust reporting and management tools.  iRestore, Restoration Management Software, has a built-in CRM that keeps everything tied together and is easy to track and manage.  It all begins with the first contact on a new loss.
  2. Strategically managing your relationship development: It is important to think through all elements in today’s world and those you serve. Evaluate your resources and make sure that everything is being consistently and proactively managed with either in-house talent or by outsourcing with business partners like our friends at Spot On Solutions, SOS who specialize in helping restoration companies manage their digital presence and marketing.
  3. Positive Operating Results: Your company operations must have consistently positive results.  Communications and customer service are a few elements that will leave those you serve, and referral sources wanting to engage and stay connected propelling your initiatives.

iRestore, Restoration Management Software, has all the tools you need to run your jobs, your operation, and manage your relationships.

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