Handling Clients From The Start: How To Handle The Phone Call The Right Way

handling customer phone callsHandling phone calls in the restoration industry should always be seen as an opportunity to promote your brand and build your reputation. That being said, handling client phone calls the right way is not always easy and can take some practice and training. But it is worth the time and effort.

In the restoration industry, your clients are already likely dealing with a stressful situation with their homes or businesses, and they are looking for ease, convenience, and someone to help guide them in the right direction. To do that the right way, there are some major “do’s” and “do not’s” that you want to adhere to.

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Do’s & Do Not’s Of Answering Client Phone Calls In The Restoration Industry

Do – Always Start And End Your Phone Call With A Positive Tone – That means answer the phone call like you want to help. End the phone call with gratitude for the call and reassurance that your company is going to help this client. Even angry clients should be handled with this tone. A positive tone can help calm an upset customer by showing your willingness to listen and to help.

Do Not – Imply That You Don’t Know How To Help – We hear this all the time in the restoration industry and it is so frustrating for potential customers. If you are unsure if your company offers a specific service – let that customer know that your top priority is to get clarification and then make that your top priority.

Do – Clarify The Caller’s Needs – By simply saying “Let me make sure I have the right information….” and then telling the customer what you understand that they need, you can eliminate further confusion and frustration. Make sure you understand clearly what they are looking for and clearly state how you can help them. Clarity will go a long way.

Do Not – Interrupt Your Caller – Interrupting your client is going to unintentionally make the caller feel disrespected, unimportant, and belittled. This is enough to send your client straight into the open arms of your competitor. Your reputation will suffer from the smallest customer upset so take control of that where you can – start with communication.

Do Not – Give Your Customer Away – There are a dozen of ways you can do this. If a customer calls your business looking for a competitor, let them know that you are not that company, but you provide the same services and that you want to help them. Do not simply say “no, that’s not us.” If a client calls you asking about a specific service and you aren’t quite sure if your company can do it, don’t say “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure.”  Get the caller’s contact information and make it your priority to find out.

Do – Answer Your Calls Fast – Don’t wait for the third or fourth ring and DO NOT let your calls go to voicemail if you can help it. That is the fastest way for a restoration company to lose a potential lead. One missed call could be the difference between a $10,000 job and nothing.

Do – Be Professional, But Personal – There is a fine line between being too professional and too personal when it comes to customer service. In this industry where compassion is important, it’s important to keep it professional but show your personal side so that your customer feels that they are important to you. Keep that conversation confident, professional, compassionate, and personal.

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