Leveraging PPC For Your Skilled Trades Company

Pay-per-click For Skilled Trade CompaniesDigital marketing has revolutionized and changed the game for skilled trades! One extremely powerful way to increase digital marketing success is with pay per click advertising.The term pay-per-click (PPC) refers to an advertising model in which advertisers pay a publisher (such as Google or Facebook) when the latter’s website generates a click on the advertiser’s ad. PPC is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online, and it can be used by skilled trade businesses to bring in more potential leads. In this article, we’ll break down what you need to know about using PPC for your business, including how it works and how Spot on Solutions can increase your success!  PPC is a cost-effective way to grow your business, with measurable success. Once skilled trade companies learn how to use PPC correctly and effectively, it will exponentially increase traffic to their websites. 

Pay-per-click For Skilled Trade Companies

First things first, let’s break down just what PPC is. Pay-per-click marketing/advertising is designed to drive traffic to a company’s website through ads that have a link that takes customers directly to the website when clicked on. Advertisers pay a set fee every time a customer clicks on a PPC ad, so they are paying for actual site visits instead of just paying to attract attention to a specific ad. PPC is one of the most cost effective ways to reach new customers, but it doesn’t just work for big brands like Google and Amazon—you can use PPC to attract high-quality leads from your local service area. In fact, businesses in all sectors can benefit from paid search engine marketing, including those that provide skilled trades services like plumbers and electricians. Now that we know what a PPC is, let’s go over what it can do for your business.

PPC ads that are relevant to customers’ needs will attract more visits to your website. More website visits means more business for your skilled trade company. PPC has a lot of benefits, but three specific benefits for skilled trades are:

  1. Increasing visibility
  2. Attracts high quality leads
  3. Increase business and bring in more $$$

Every day potential customers are searching online for solutions, help, and information regarding their specific skilled trade needs and services near them. PPC ads are available 24/7, so they’re a great option if you want to target your audience when they’re actively searching for your type of service. You can also target specific times of day and days of the week, which can be helpful if you know that certain types of clients often look for skilled trade services at particular times (in the evenings or on weekends, for instance).You can also choose to target an ad only to people in certain geographic areas—or even specific neighborhoods or cities—which makes it easier than ever before to reach out directly to local customers. You can narrow down who sees what message based on their interests, demographic information (gender), or life stage (for example: “Skilled tradesman seeking other skilled tradesmen”) Smart PPC marketing will cater to these potential customers by using ads that meet their search criteria. Now, PPC can  fluctuate and tends to rise or fall depending on various factors, so how can you take advantage of PPC and be successful at it? This is where we come in.

Get In Touch With the PPC Experts

Spot on Solutions can develop a PPC campaign tailored to your business that will utilize a unique and well designed advertising and marketing strategy to generate more leads and drive traffic to your website. We know how to make your PPC ads relevant in a search engine so that your ad is seen on the first page of results – We have devoted our time and resources on how to be the best in the marketing business at creating and posting relative content to your business. Trying to navigate PPC on your own can be difficult, and incredibly time consuming, from monitoring your campaign, experimenting with different ads and approaches, and optimizing your results. We know that as a skilled trade service business owner, time is one thing you never have enough of, so let the team at SOS handle this process for you. We have the experience, expertise and time necessary to develop a successful PPC campaign for your business, that will in turn keep you ahead of your competitors in the skilled trade industry.  As you can see, PPC is a great way to reach skilled trade service customers. If you want to learn more about the benefits of PPC and how it can be used in your business, we invite you to contact us today. We have seen many businesses come out of nowhere thanks to their investment in PPC – including ours! Let us show you what we can do for yours.

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