How SEO Helps Restoration Companies Get Found Online

Construction Company SEOFor local service-oriented businesses like cleaning and restoration companies, it is possible to take full advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase organic traffic to your website. Cleaning and restoration companies can benefit from effective content marketing and SEO optimization — even in markets saturated with competition.  Spot On Solutions specializes in helping cleaning and restoration businesses rank high in search results—for the right keywords.
Regardless of your industry, there will always be a bigger competitor with more money to spend on optimizing SEO for their website. Small cleaning and restoration businesses are better off using their resources to target long-tail keywords that will deliver more potential customers to their website, rather than reaching the largest possible audience using single or two-word keywords. Because Spot On Solutions has the benefit of working with cleaning and restoration companies across the United States and Canada we have excellent data and case studies that help take the guess work out of optimization strategies. We know the keywords that not only rank….but capture the RIGHT clients.

What is SEO and Why Does it Matter?

Anything you do to boost your search results rank is considered SEO—whether this is optimizing your cleaning and restoration website to be SEO-friendly, creating quality content targeting specific keywords, promoting your content or earning backlinks to your website.
In today’s world where everyone has an internet connected device at all times, search engines have replaced the yellow pages. If someone is looking for a company to restore their home after water damage, they will go to Google and search. Identifying what search terms—keywords—are the most important for your business and developing quality content targeting those keywords is a key part of any SEO strategy.
Truly, SEO is all of the above, coupled with in-depth reporting and analytics to identify what works and what doesn’t for your cleaning and restoration company. In order to truly optimize your search engine rank, you need to continue doing what works, and fix whatever doesn’t. By utilizing analytics for your website and evaluating competitors’ websites, you can create an effective SEO strategy that will boost your search engine rank and drive relevant traffic to your cleaning and restoration website.

SEO for Cleaning and Restoration Companies

Many small or regional businesses benefit from the use of long-tail keywords that allow them to target a specific area or service. Search for “carpet cleaning” and you might get a mixture of cleaning and restoration companies, how-to’s and carpet cleaning products. Search for “carpet cleaning” followed by your city or area and the results will be much more specific to your region, and much more relevant. This is an effective strategy as it pulls in those in your area looking for a specific service that you offer.
Content marketing can help a small cleaning and restoration company perform well in searches, but many small businesses don’t know which keywords to target, how to measure the keyword’s performance, and few have the resources to continually create content relevant to their keywords. Spot On Solutions take the guess work out of your online marketing strategies.  If you want to compete at a local level online, smart SEO is a must.

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How to Get Started Using SEO

If you are interested in how SEO can help you grow your cleaning and restoration business, Spot On Solutions can help. We will do keyword research, perform a competitive analysis, and produce and analyze the results of content marketing.
Generally, the ROI of SEO and content marketing is high and easy to track. The ROI for SEO can be much higher than traditional advertising means, and it can easily be tracked and justified. SEO allows those who are already searching for a company like yours to find you online, resulting in more qualified leads and higher conversions than traditional media.
How is your online presence? Call 208-681-6448 and request a free website and competitor analysis. We will tell you how you stack up against your competition with no obligation. Want to learn more? Check out “SEO 101 for Cleaning Companies.”

“No matter how niche or mainstream your market is, great content remains a significant focus for SEO.”

Kristopher Jones, Founder of LSEO


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