How Spot On Solutions Can Support Your Business Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 is not only a threat to the health of many individuals, but their livelihoods as well. 

As stock markets crash and we enter an age of economic uncertainty, many businesses are facing new challenges in these unprecedented times. These challenges may necessitate some businesses to revamp and adjust their online advertising methods

As a digital marketing agency that cares deeply about your business, we at Spot on Solutions want to provide support to help alleviate fears and concerns. Here are some key points to consider moving forward.

Google Is Here To Help

Google has released information to help small businesses support their employees and customers. Some of their recommendations include updating information on Google My Business Profiles, using posts like “special offers” or “inventory updates” to communicate information directly on their Google Business Profile, and storing contact information for their employees, vendors, and clients so it’s accessible from any device. 

Google is also here to help people receive accurate information. Unfortunately with the onset of COVID-19, phishing, conspiracy theories, malware, and misinformation has been spreading online. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve in this fast changing environment, Google’s team is thinking of more ways to help users, partners, customers and communities. 

So how does this affect Google Ad campaigns? According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Google Ads is, “blocking all ads capitalizing on the coronavirus” and have already blocked tens of thousands of ads over the last six weeks.

“This is an unprecedented moment,” Pichai wrote. “It’s important that we approach it with a sense of calm and responsibility — because we have many people counting on us.”

While Google does its part in protecting the community and ensuring accurate information is shared online, we may have to adjust our online advertising strategy to ensure we’re sharing truthful information as well. 

Use Other Outlets To Advertise Services And Provide Value To Customers

While there are limitations for how we can advertise services related to COVID-19 online, there are still ways to be resourceful and help your customers find the services they need. 

Everyone wants to feel valued and cared for, especially in times of crisis. As people take to their homes to avoid and prevent the spread of contagion, social media usage is expected to increase as people continue to find ways to socialize and stay informed. This is a good opportunity to go where your customers are, and give them value by providing helpful tips on social media. 

Another effective method is to use sliders and images on your website displaying services surrounding COVID-19. Well designed slider images located on the homepage are great for interaction and catching the attention of the visitor. At Spot On Solutions, we can help you come up with the best strategy in utilizing these services.

We want to do everything we can to help your business be resourceful and adapt to the changes that are taking place. Fortunately, the restoration industry is uniquely positioned to make a difference at this time. There is an increased opportunity to share your knowledge and services. Connect with us for a free consultation and we’ll discuss your situation and how you can stay in front of your ideal customers with a marketing strategy that makes a difference.

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