Monday Mo: How Your Attitude Will Help You Excel

Maggie Stringham Monday Mo

This week’s Monday Mo is presented by Maggie Stringham, Senior Account Manager at Spot On Solutions.

Have you ever heard the saying “people may hear your words, but they feel your attitude”? 

It’s 100% real! People can recognize when tone, body language, and actions do not match someone’s words. But, for many people, it can be a challenge to feel positive about situations that don’t feel positive, right? For some, it’s nearly impossible to fake a positive attitude. So how are you supposed to get ahead and excel when a positive attitude is needed, but you’re just not feeling it? 

6 Ways To Boost Your Attitude

  1. Motivation – Your motivation may be the only thing helping you trudge along a task or situation that you know will help you excel and reach your goals. Make a focus board that helps remind you why you are doing what you’re doing. Motivation is the key to success? Maybe. I mean, it’s helpful. But motivation cannot help you if your attitude is working against you. 
  2. Change Your Actions – I really like this one because there is no gray area. You can’t just expect everything to change and no matter how much you don’t want to do something, if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. Your action is going to help your attitude – stop procrastinating and start moving. Make a to-do list and hit it hard! 
  3. Goals – Reaching an end goal can feel light years away sometimes. It’s at those times that you should set smaller goals for yourself to help you see the momentum and progress you are making. No goal is too small if it is moving you in the direction that you want. 
  4. Stay Healthy – Sleep. Diet. Exercise. All of these things can help improve your attitude. If your body feels good, your mind can feel good too. You will be able to handle stress easier and find the positive aspect of any situation more easily. Take care of your body and your body will help you move forward in any endeavor you undertake. 
  5. Go Public – Make your goals public. Be brave and share your hopes and dreams with those around you. You will be surprised at who steps forward to be part of your journey and the advice and help you can receive along the way. It may be from the most unexpected source that you learn the most from. 
  6. Fail – Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is part of winning. Nobody suddenly becomes the best at something they are starting out with. It takes time and experience and a whole lot of focus and persistence. Don’t downgrade your attitude just because you aren’t impressing yourself – It’s easy to be our own worst critic, but don’t let yourself become your biggest competition. Work with yourself. Be kind to yourself and remember that the more you try, the farther you will get. 

Attitude is everything in this world. In work situations, at home, in your social life – people enjoy being around and working with people that can help them think more positively and enjoy life more. Be the motivation! Check your attitude and examine it. Can you make a change? Will working on your attitude help improve your situation? You don’t have to fake a positive attitude – you can find it faster.

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