Why RLSA Should Be Used In Your Campaign

RLSA stands for Retargeting Lists for Search Ads and is used in

Sydney, Australia – October 28, 2011: Female hand holding an ipad showing Google. She is touching the screen. There is coffee on the dining table in the background. This image shows the ipad being used in a casual environment.

for paid, internet advertising. This type of advertising is extremely powerful and straight-forward. RLSA is a feature that allows you to customize search ads for previous visitors to your website and show ads to them when they search Google and Google partner sites.

If you aren’t using RLSA campaigns in your internet advertising, then you could be missing out on a great opportunity. RLSA campaigns can get more conversions with very little effort. They don’t take a lot of time to set up and they start off targeting an audience that has already shown interest in your service or product. Advertising to people who are already interested in what you have to offer makes it easy to personalize ad content. Ad content can be worked to remind your website visitors about your services or to get them to come back by offering discounts or specials.

RLSA’s have more advantages than regular search ads. For example, search ads have very specific keywords to drive a very particular type of traffic to a website. Retargeting Ads allow for more generic keywords since your target audience has already shown an interest in your service. Say someone searches “tile cleaning” and visits your website from that search but decides not to contact you yet. A couple of days later they perform a search for “popular hardwood floors”; an RLSA campaign would use “hardwood floor” as a keyword and your ad is triggered to show up. Perfect way to recover potential customers.

How Do RLSA’s Benefit My Search Campaigns 

If you already have search campaigns set up and they aren’t performing very well in ad position, an RLSA can help. In competitive markets, it can be difficult to hit that 1-2 average position if you don’t have a big enough budget to accommodate. Creating a similar Retargeting campaign, you can bid more aggressively to a specified audience, raise your average position, and pay for more likely conversions. RLSA has shown fantastic success and can seriously improve conversion rates of existing campaigns.

Another benefit of using RLSA’s is that while you are targeting a specific audience, you can also exclude specific audiences. Remarketing lists can be created for a negative audience that will keep your ads from showing up to website visitors who have already converted. This is an awesome feature of RLSA’s as it keeps your ads from appearing to an audience that may get annoyed by seeing repetitive ads for services that they’ve already received from you.

How To Get Started With RLSA

If Retargeting sounds like something that you want to try out for your company, you will want to contact a professional internet marketing company that can help you get started. Not only will they know the most efficient way to start your campaign, they will know the best practices and steps to take when it comes to ad content, settings, and bid strategies. Spot On Solutions is a Google Premier Partner and can answer any questions that you might have when it comes to paid advertising and other internet marketing strategies.

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