Is Your Cleaning & Restoration Company Utilizing Social Media?

Social media marketing for cleaning and restoration companies can be a great ROI. Utilizing social media can be a tricky process. Still, if utilized correctly, it can be a great communication tool that can build and strengthen relationships between you and your potential clients. So, how can you successfully utilize social media marketing for your cleaning and restoration company?

social media strategy

Spot On Solutions has a few great tips to help you find social media success.

  • Consistency is key.
  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Interact with your audience.
  • Create a voice for your company and stick with it.
  • Have an organic and paid social strategy

Consistency is key.

Too often, we see companies that will start up a social media account, post a few times in the first few months, and then the account is neglected or forgotten. If you are going to utilize social media, find a schedule that works for you or delegate this task to an employee. Consistency is the key to helping your company establish credibility and build relationships.

Don’t overdo it.

Come up with a posting schedule that not only works for you but your audience as well. One of the things you will learn while utilizing social media is that people don’t like to be spammed. Posting too often or posting poor-quality content will most likely scare away your audience. If posting content 1-2 times a day works for you, stick with that schedule. It is okay to throw in an extra post now and again but don’t go overboard.

Interact with your audience.

Social media is a platform that thrives on two-way communication. That is why your cleaning and restoration company should consistently engage your audience. Connect with your audience, and respond to their questions or comments. A good rule is 90% quality, engaging content, and 10% sales.

Create a voice for your company and stick with it.

Does your cleaning and restoration company have a voice that depicts your culture and values? Represent your company to the audience you are trying to attract consistently. If you pride yourself on being positive and uplifting, stick with positive content. Never underestimate the importance of having a strategy for the type of content you will post.

Have an organic and paid social strategy

Paid and organic social media should be treated as separate strategies with unique goals that can work together. Organic social media strategies will most likely reach a percentage of your current followers and people who may be following the hashtags you use (yes, hashtags are still relevant).  This is where you can nurture relationships and engage and support customers. Paid social media is where you can raise brand awareness, attract new followers, promote services, and generate leads.

Need help with your social media marketing? Spot On Solutions can create a custom plan that perfectly suits your needs.

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