Make Your Employees Happy By Promoting A Positive Work Environment

positive business environmenttWhere do you spend most of your time? In any average week, the majority of adults spend a substantial amount of time working full-time jobs and careers. That time they put on the table is valuable and is often compensated with pay. But in addition to pay, what if you could compensate with means that can improve the overall happiness of your employees?

Workers who are happy are 13% more productive at their jobs, according to a study conducted by the University of Oxford. It’s no wonder that happier employees help drive your business forward! Plus, a positive work environment also leads to better employee retention and hiring success. 

From our experience and research, here are some ways to show your employees that you care about their success and well-being. 

Make Work Fulfilling

One of the great aspects of working in the cleaning and restoration industry is the direct impact you have on individuals, families and businesses. Whenever there’s a success story of helping someone following a property disaster, share it with your team members. Let them know the work they’re doing is helping others navigate through difficult times in their lives. Share positive reviews you receive from clients and any other good feedback you receive. 

Conduct frequent check-ins with employees and learn about their goals and ambitions. Are you doing everything to help them achieve their career and personal goals? What kind of career-related opportunities can you provide them?

When employees feel fulfilled in their jobs, they’re more likely to carry that motivation forward and continue to produce good results. 

Let Employees Know They’re Valued

Validation can go a long way, and employees like the assurance that the work they’re performing is important. Frequently deliver praise and recognition when an employee does good work. The expression of gratitude and positive affirmation from an employer can go a long way in the workplace. 

Consider doing employee spotlights, offering meaningful rewards, or creating an online group chat or channel dedicated to giving shoutouts and praise. This can also help strengthen relationships among team members and boost unity.

Offer Meaningful Perks

Depending on the size and budget of your company, consider offering meaningful job perks for your employees. Whether it’s unlimited time off, paid leave, amazing health benefits, or a solid retirement plan, your employees will be happy to know you care about their needs outside of work.

Happy Employees Benefit The Overall Business

It’s no secret that the success of a business is largely dependent on the employees. Making sure all the needs of your employees are met increases productivity, enthusiasm and work ethic.

Having a healthy business environment in place also increases employee retention and hiring success. Many cleaning and restoration owners are currently facing hiring challenges that include shortages in applicants and being unable to find the right talent. But if you have a reputable company known for great employee care, it’ll be easier to increase your applicant pool and find the right people to join your teams.

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