Monday Mo: Creating Value For Your Customers

This week’s Monday Mo was written by Melissa Hartley, Account Manager at Spot On Solutions.

I recently got back from a week long vacation with my husband. We took a road trip around Southern Utah and Northern Arizona taking in sights such as Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon. I let my husband pick out one of our stops and he decided on the Shelby Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. My husband is a car enthusiast and Shelby is his favorite. Nevada wasn’t too far off our route so I agreed. Leading up to the trip, various people had asked my husband what he most looked forward to… to which he always replied, the Shelby Heritage Museum. We had visited America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, WA a few years ago, so my husband had high expectations. If you aren’t familiar with America’s Car Museum, it has 350 cars displayed throughout 4 floors and 165,000 square feet. It took us well over 2 hours to walk through!

The day came that we made our way to Las Vegas to visit the museum. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a young woman who informed us that we were welcome to look around for free, and that a paid tour would be starting in 30 minutes. We roamed around the corner to see the cars on display and were surprised to see that there was only one room with maybe 30-40 cars. To make the most of our day, my husband decided that we would take the paid tour… and this is how our experience went from average, to amazing. Had we not taken the tour, we would never have known how unique and rare each car on display was. We wouldn’t have heard the first-hand stories of Carroll Shelby passed on from his friends and colleagues. We would have left a little disappointed and underwhelmed.

Customer experience is everything. It doesn’t matter how amazing your service or product is all on its own… it’s up to you to show and sometimes teach value to your customers. Here are two ways you can create value for your customers:

1. Educate your customers

Teaching your clients about your products and services is essential. Demonstrations, tutorials, webinars, and FAQ pages are just a few ways you can pass knowledge to your customers. They should clearly see what you offer and how it will impact their lives.

2. Provide a positive experience

Sometimes providing a personal touch is all it takes. A handshake, a thank-you note or email, and superb service all go a long way. Leave your customers with a favorable feeling so they come back for more or recommend you to others.

You have the responsibility of creating valuable experiences for your customers. With a little bit of work, you can leave an unforgettable impression on your customers.

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