Monday Mo: Keep Going

Ashton Pehrson

I recently heard this quote from Will Rogers that says “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

This made me reflect on the fact that sometimes life is still hard, even when we think we’re headed in the right direction. The key is to keep going.

My brother works in law enforcement & was unhappy with his job. He wanted to move up, and he knew it would benefit his family if he could change positions.

The job he wanted required that you pass a challenging physical and written test. He took it 3 different times, failing each time for what seemed like insignificant reasons.

He knew he was working toward something better, and he was on the right track, so why did he keep failing?

A month after he failed the test for the 3rd time, he heard about a different job
opportunity that would offer him even more than the one he was testing for, and
they wanted to interview him right away. He jumped on the opportunity & the
interview went great.

But then he didn’t get the job.

He was starting to feel discouraged at this point, and he didn’t want to keep trying.
Just as he was thinking of giving up, the person he interviewed with offered him a
totally different job that would meet all of his requirements & be even better than
what he originally wanted.

He never would have found this job if he hadn’t been striving for something better.
Life doesn’t get easier when we’re on the right path, often times there are greater
obstacles than before. But if we can learn to keep going, we can achieve things we
didn’t even know were possible

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