Our Team

"Great things are not done by one person. They're done by a team of people."
- Steve Jobs

Get to Know Us

What do you get when you combine 20 years of restoration and cleaning expertise with a couple of internet marketing gurus? Well… there is actually a lot of ways to answer that question and when you get to know us better you will know exactly what we mean.

Derek, Michael and Katie officially joined forces in 2012 and created Spot On Solutions, an internet marketing company specifically created to bring solutions to the cleaning and restoration industry and help businesses grow into realized dreams.

We know how to work hard… and we know how to play hard. We have high expectations and are always looking for ways to push each other further. We are highly competitive and it’s not unusual to have some kind of bet going on behind the scenes. You will find we are a team with a lot of heart. We get deeply invested in all that we pursue. We consider clients to be friends and treat their business as if it was our own.

With over 60 years of marriage combined it’s easy to see where our top priority lies! Family comes first and when we are not working you will usually find us on the golf course or cheering for our kids at a sporting event.


Driven to help companies grow and profit.


Championing a community of entrepreneurial leaders through dynamic and engaging opportunities that empower profitability, freedom, and happiness.

Core Values


 Integrity, Commitment, Attitude, Responsibility, Excellence

Meet the Team

Derek Preece

Founding Partner

Katie Harris

Founding Partner

Michael Johnson

Founding Partner

Jesica Smith

Director of Digital

Melanie Livingston

Lead Website Design & Development

Rasel Ahmed

Web Developer

Maggie Stringham

Client Experience Manager

Caden Preece

Account Manager

Melissa Hartley

Account Manager

Ashton Pehrson

Account Manager

Meg Matsuura

Assistant Account Manager

Shayla Hartman

Assistant Account Manager