Part 1: The Brand Itself

Building a Brand for Your Restoration Company | A 3 Part Series

Part 1: The Brand Itself

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When you hear the word “brand” it might not be as literal as you think. A company’s brand is about how your employees, clients, and community perceive you as a business; not about a logo out front. A brand is built over time through the choices you make regarding your company’s values, customer service, work ethic, and so on.

At Spot On Solutions, we pride ourselves on our culture, our core values, and our hard work ethic. People within the restoration industry know us, most likely, as hardworking, forward-thinking life-long learners, but also as a goofy group that loves Hi Chews and having fun at work. Those are all parts of our culture, our brand. They evolved over time, as the company and our confidence grew in the services we offer the cleaning and restoration industries.

Many people hear the world “culture” and roll their eyes. Many believe it is just some inconsequential need Millennials have drummed up to make them seem even more high maintenance. Those could not be further from the truth. Culture is key.

There are several companies within the restoration industry that have worked hard to establish a strong company culture, or brand. Next Gear Solutions, for example, is constantly showcasing its involvement in the community, fun office happenings (hello Halloween costume contest!), company training, and so on. Then there is A&J Specialty Services and their Restoring Kindness campaign. They have branded themselves not only in their local community as a company that cares about serving others, but have also seen that brand spread to be known industry-wide. Wow!

Taking a broader look – think about the brand Steve Jobs created for himself with his black turtle necks, secret inventions, and high-quality products. Or Google and their “A Place to Work & Play” motto. They have sunny outdoor terraces, coffee bars, Broadway-themed conference rooms, allow dogs into some office spaces, and more. No, we aren’t recommending all those things for you – but the idea is that the way they treat their employees helped them strengthen their brand to new heights. People respect companies that respect their employees.

So how can you go about creating a brand and company culture for your cleaning and restoration company? Here are some easy tips.

  1. Write down your company’s message.

When you think about your company at its very best, what comes to mind? Jot down some of the things that are most important to you within your cleaning and restoration business. What message are you hoping your company’s actions portray to your customers and community? What are your core values.

Once you have this step taken care of, get your employees involved. Talk to them about what they see within the company, what would create value for them, what are some weaknesses they see, how can the company’s culture be better? You might be surprised by their insight and what they have to say! The more you value their opinion, the better. You likely won’t be able to build a successful brand without the support of your team.

  1. Integrate your brand.

Your entire team should know what your brand is all about. They should live it. Your company’s messaging should be part of your signage, email signatures, even how you answer the phone. Have you ever been to Chick Fil A? Their staff is known for saying “it is my pleasure” with a smile on their face all day long, every single day, no exceptions. And honestly, they do it so well – you believe them! Your brand should feel the same – warm and authentic.

  1. Find ways to share your brand.

The more you share your brand, the more it will become engrained in your company, employees, clients, and community. Encourage your staff to be involved in the community. Make sure you hire people who share the values of your company. Treat everyone with the same care and respect they deserve.

  1. Create a voice for your brand.

No spoilers! We’re talking about how to give your brand a voice in part two of this three-part series!


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