SEO And PPC: Why You Need Both To Really Succeed

SEO and PPC: Why you Need Both to Really Succeed

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Success in business today rarely comes from an advertisement campaign focused on word of mouth and flyers. In this digital age, answers are only one Google search away. Thus, when potential consumers are looking for a service, they often go straight to a search on their phone to find what they’re looking for. A bad internet search campaign can cause you to miss a huge amount of clients and money while a good search campaign can earn you much more clients and money over time. Spot On Solutions has held countless businesses improve their SEO and PPC campaign bringing them in substantially more income. We want you to understand exactly what it is why do and why it is so important.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It has to do with organic search results. Organic search results are the results that show up on their own, not as advertisements, after an internet search. Having a high organic search ranking does not cost you anything. It simply means that your website has quality content and a strong presence of the keywords used in the search. SEO is great because it is free and many people opt to click on organic results over non-organic advertisements. Having a strong SEO campaign will save you money since it does not cost you anything when your site is clicked on, and it will greatly increase the presence of your business on the internet.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. PPC results show up as advertisements. For example, PPC ads on Google will have a green “Ad” with a URL next to it underneath the actual link. It can get more complicated than this, but at the most, basic level PPC ads are exactly what they claim to be. You pay for each time your ad is clicked. The most competitive online PPC markets will cost over 100 dollars per click. Other markets may cost as little as a dollar-a-click, however. At Spot On Solutions, we manage your PPC campaigns for you. We do this by working within a set budget that you wish to spend on PPC ads each month. We will then bid on all the different keywords related to your business. For instance, we will bid higher on keywords that are most likely to lead to new clients for you and bid lower on keywords that are less likely to bring you more business.

SEO and PPC are both critical aspects of any marketing campaign. To succeed in business in today’s online world you need both. SEO will bring you organic results that you don’t have to pay for each time they are clicked on. It will also increase your credibility to potential clients when they see your business at the top of search results. PPC is another important way of getting your business into the online marketing. By having related content, a good website, and a budget set aside you can almost guarantee your business will be very visible in online search results by using a PPC campaign. Using these two methods of online advertising will increase your notoriety and bring you much more business at a very little cost to you.

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