SEO Tips For Your Construction Company

Construction Company SEONearly everyone in the United States will use a construction company at one point or another. With the exponential growth the nation is experiencing Construction is in higher demand than it ever has been before. In fact we are currently experiencing a construction service deficit. How can you make sure your restoration company is the first one those in need see when they search for ‘construction near me?’ This is where search engine optimization or SEO services come in. SEO services are strategically designed to increase the visibility of your business on an internet search, and, as a result, increase traffic to your website. SEO services have proved to be very successful , especially for Construction companies. In fact, nearly 93% of website traffic occurs on search engines like Google, with Spot On Solutions we are committed to your success through the use of SEO’s. If you are looking to increase traffic to your website, then here are some of the best practices we have found for keyword search. 

Construction Company SEO

Provide quality content that is easy for search engines to find. 

For construction companies, the more content you provide that is unique to your services the better. So, for example, if someone searches for information on drywall installation, you need to have consistent published content on drywall installation for your website to be relevant and found in those search results. Using the keywords multiple times in your content is paramount to appearing in searches so that it finds your website relevant to the search results. 

Make sure your website is optimized for faster load times. 

We have all experienced frustration when a website lags… in today’s digital world we expect things to run at a high rate of efficiency. A faster load time is one of the ranking factors Google takes into consideration when evaluating your website – which means that optimizing your website for the fastest load times possible will pay off in showing up on the first page in keyword searches. Statistics have shown that with just a 1 second delay your company can lose up to 11% of your website’s daily views. If you notice your website is loading slowly, consider using caching plugins, optimize images, or even reduce redirects.  At Spot on Solutions we highly recommend taking whatever steps you need to make sure your page is loading quickly to optimize growing traffic to your website and increase sales as a whole.

Ensuring your website is user-friendly will also bring rapid increase. The user experience of your website will make or break your SEO efforts. If you find you are  getting a lot of traffic from keyword searches but are finding it challenging to retain or create new clients from the traffic it may be because of poor design or links that don’t work, you will lose that business as fast as it takes to click the back button on the search browser.  Having a quality website that is not only user friendly but aesthetically pleasing can make all the difference in the world. Easy navigation of your company’s website starts with your main menu. The easier to navigate your menu, the better the user experience will be.

Contact the SEO Experts at SOS

We know that when it comes to all of this it may seem overwhelming, or just out of your wheel-house, no need to worry, that’s  where we come in. At Spot on Solutions, we understand that, as a construction company, you specialize in a vast array of services ranging from repairs to builds, not SEO and website services. But, we are experts in both. Not only do we have a thorough understanding of construction services, we also have leading experts on website design, content publishing, and SEO services the industry has to offer. When you let SOS take care of your website, you will not only get the success of a user-friendly website but optimized SEO services for your company. Contact us today and let’s get your business growing!!

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