7 Tips For Social Media Marketing (For Cleaning & Restoration)

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Social Media Marketing can be an excellent way to engage potential clients and get them to contact you when they are in need of cleaning and restoration services. But there are a lot of ways that you can lose followers and disengage potential clients if you don’t use your social media platforms correctly. There are rules when it comes to social media marketing the right way! Follow these 7 tips for social media marketing and you will build your audience and dominate the industry.

  1. Quality. Quality. Quality.  
    The number of followers you have will not matter if none of them are interested in the services that you provide. If your audience is not connecting with you by liking, reading, or sharing your content, then they will soon leave. Remember to engage followers who want to know about your services and what you can do for them.
  2. Be Quiet and Listen.
    If you want to engage an audience, you need to know what spark’s their interest. If you continuously post content that is less than important to them, it will become a nuisance and they will unfollow you. Get to know what your target audience is writing about and discussing online and then create content that they will enjoy and participate in. 
  3. Don’t Rush An Outcome.
    The success of social media marketing takes some time. There is no way to reach overnight success so be patient. Watch the fruits of your labor grow with the time and attention you put into it. You will see results, it will just take some time.
  4. Don’t Flood Your Stream.
    If you post and repost and repost, all day long, nothing will happen. Your listeners will find nothing valuable from you and they will disappear. Social media marketing isn’t just about conversions and followers and shares, you have to connect with your audience and build relationships. This is when conversions will start happening and people will start talking about you.
  5. REPLY!
    Don’t ever ignore someone that tries to contact you online. Online relationships are just as important as real life ones when it comes to marketing. Remember, building relationships is a key element of successful social media marketing. 
  6. Make Yourself Available.
    When you post, make sure you stick around to answer any questions and to engage in conversation that may arise from the post. It’s incredibly frustrating for potential customers if you aren’t available to answer a question after you post something of interest to them. Keeping yourself available for conversation for a while after you post can help you land jobs and keep a good online reputation with your followers.
  7. Be The Expert.
    You are valuable when you are experienced and skilled in the services you provide. If you provide water damage restoration, but not storm cleanup – don’t offer information on storm cleanup. If you don’t fix the plumbing when broken pipes cause house flooding, then don’t offer plumbing tips. Post about personal experiences in your work setting and stick with what you know.

Social media marketing is an excellent tool that can help you build relationships with potential clients and help your cleaning and restoration company grow. Spot On Solutions has many years of experience in social media marketing for cleaning and restoration companies all across the United States. If you want help understanding more about how social media marketing could benefit your company and boost your sales, contact us today!

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