Social Media Marketing For Your Cleaning Services Company

cleaning services social media marketingSocial media influences nearly everyone in our society. There are people whose job title is literally ‘Influencer’, and have made social media their careers. The things we see on social media every day affect what we eat, where we eat, what we buy, even what we believe. Social media has become a platform for businesses to grow and attract new customers, a place where ads are shared multiple times a day. In fact, the average social media consumer sees roughly 36 ads per day, MINIMUM. There is a huge opportunity in social media marketing for all types of businesses, but have found that it is especially beneficial (and honestly, underutilized) by specialized services like cleaning services. Here at Spot On Solutions, our marketing professionals are passionate about helping our clients maximize their business and clientele, and one key way we do that is through successful social media marketing. 

Cleaning Services Social Media Marketing

Here are just a few reasons why cleaning services will benefit from social media marketing:

  • Find and appeal to new customers: Marketing for cleaning services is different from other consumer services. Specialized services need to inform consumers about when and why they need cleaning services, and the need for these services can be circumstantial – which is why it is so important to have your company’s name out there. When the need for cleaning services arises, you want the potential client to already know who to call because they know your name and what services you have to offer. Social media marketing for cleaning services makes your information available to consumers in your service area, and raises awareness of your business – which results in more business. Planned, strategic social media posts will not only help promote your business, but also make and keep you relevant with the people in your service area and this is exactly what we specialize in. Spot On Solutions can help you implement a marketing program with strategically planned social media posts that provide content to consumers that not only familiarizes them with your name, but also with relevant information that is useful to consumers. Building a strong social media presence for your business leads right into the next benefit of social media marketing…
  • Connect with customers and potential customers: Once the content has been created and published to your social media, then it’s time to build connections with your followers. Any and every business owner knows that good customer relations is vital in being successful, and social media provides the perfect platform to build good rapport, relationships, and connections with people in your service area and community. If you can get people to engage with you on social media, your business will grow – it’s that simple. Social media marketing for cleaning services will help you learn how to create not only quality content, but catchy captions that demand peoples’ attention and prompts involvement through comments, messaging, and sharing. Not only will this help grow you social media following, but it will also increase word-of-mouth referrals from those who do follow you on social media. Even though not all the people engaging with your social media posts may need cleaning services right then, they will know who to call when they do and they are more likely to refer you to someone they know who does.

While this list could go on and on, we hope that even in the couple of benefits we have mentioned that you will consider the possibilities that cleaning services and social media marketing could offer your business, and give us a call today to see just what our marketing specialists can do for you. 

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