Social Media Marketing For Your Skilled Trades Business

Skilled Trades Social Media MarketingIn a rapidly increasing digital world that is ever evolving, did you know that the average person spends no less than two hours per day on social media? There are currently no official figures for this statistic,  yet we have found through our extensive research that consistently the average consumer is seeing roughly 36 ads per day if not more. Social Media could revolutionize your business especially if you specialize in a skilled trade. Social Media Marketing for your company not only gets you in front of but connected to potential clients in need of your specific service in your immediate area. Through Social media marketing your business puts you ahead of your biggest competitors and keeps your business and the services you offer at the forefront of the minds of potential customers so they know who to call when they are in need. At Spot on Solutions we are passionate about helping our clients maximize their businesses, and one way to do that is through engagement with current and potential clients on social media. We take the guesswork out of what it takes to create a solid following. We will walk you through why we do what we do and how that could provide exponential growth for your business. 

Skilled Trades Social Media Marketing

  • Unlike consumer goods, skilled trades are based solely on circumstance. While people are scrolling through their social media it’s not likely they will see your ad and think “Oh I need that at this exact moment” instead, our marketing techniques involve social media posts that stay relevant, informative, and up to date with the people in your service area.. With this unique strategy of relevance, consistency, and value your followers will become familiar with your name. When they find themselves in need of  a skilled trade service, they know exactly who they will want in their corner. At Spot on Solutions we can help you plan and strategize social media posts with content that is not only relatable but informative to  your customers. These posts still serve as an ad for your business without seeming overwhelmingly “sales-y”. They create a rapport that is unmatched. This is the very first step in engaging with customers on social media and is paramount to your success.. *BONUS: Our current clients have had great success with our strategy for scheduling social media posts.
  • Once your content has been created and is live on your account, it’s time for the real fun to begin- authentic connection with real customers in real time. We love coaching you on how to create engaging captions and prompts that encourage comments from your followers, which is critical for engaging and growing relationships with potential clients in your service area and beyond. Once people start to read and respond to your posts, you can begin to develop and foster those vital relationships. When you respond to comments, it can make customers feel seen, heard, and valued. Any time you can give that type of recognition to someone, it will build relationships based on mutual trust and respect and that in turn will create repeat business. Even if the person commenting does not need your services, they are likely to recommend you to someone they know who does, simply because of the engagement you made on social media.  Consistent engagement tells the social media platform’s algorithm that people in your service area WANT to see more of YOU! 
  • We have all heard about social media ‘trolls’ at one time or another or may have had the unfortunate opportunity to experience them first hand, people who make rude comments or those who create unnecessary drama. At Spot on Solutions we believe there is no such thing as bad publicity; everything can be an opportunity in disguise. We can help you manage the good with the bad, and teach you how to flip the script on negative comments and interactions. We can help you manage them appropriately to still reflect good on your business. Keep your eye on the prize, the goal is to engage with customers and potential customers, and to grow your following and business on social media. We all know negative feedback is par for the course when developing an online presence and with the right team backing and supporting you, you can be confident on how to authentically engage with your customers and be successful at social media marketing. 

Contact The Social Media Marketing Experts

We understand that social media marketing for skilled trade services can be a daunting undertaking, which is why we have taken the time to handpick the best of the best in social media managers so that we can help successfully grow your team. Let the experts at SOS coach you through social media engagement with your customers so you can start thriving in the digital world today!

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