Social Media Marketing Tips For Cleaning and Restoration Companies

Cleaning and Restoration Social Media MarketingDid you know that the average person spends approximately 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media sites every single day? Although there are no official figures for this statistic, it is estimated that the average person encounters at least 36 ads per day on social media alone. Social media marketing could mean the difference for your business, especially if you offer restoration services. Cleaning and restoration social media marketing gets you connected with potential customers in your service area, and makes people aware of your business and the services you offer so they know who to call when they are in need. Our goal at Spot on Solutions is to help your business maximize its potential, and one way to do that is to engage with customers on social media. We will walk you through what it takes to create a good following with customers, and what that could mean for your business. 

Cleaning and Restoration Social Media Marketing

  • Cleaning and restoration services are different to the market than consumer goods. These services are strictly related to circumstances, meaning that while most people are scrolling through social media they are not going to see an ad for restoration services and think ‘I need that right now, let’s buy it.” Instead, our marketing techniques involve social media posts that are relevant to the people in your service area, provide valuable information, and are designed to make your followers familiar with your name so that when they do find themselves in need of cleaning or restoration services, they know who to call. We can help you plan social media posts with content that is relatable and informative to customers, and that will still serve as an ad for your business. This is the first step in engaging with customers on social media. *BONUS: we can also help you with the best practices for scheduling out social media posts!
  • Once the content has been created and posted to your business account, then comes the real connection. We can help you learn how to create captions that encourage comments from followers, which is critical for engaging and growing relationships with potential customers in your service area and community. Once you start getting people to read and respond to your posts, you can begin to make those important relationships. When you respond to comments, it makes customers feel seen and heard, and any time you can give that type of recognition to someone, it can build relationships that can really pay off. Even if the person commenting does not need your services, they are likely to recommend you to someone they know who does, simply because of the engagement you made on social media. 
  • Finally, we have all heard about social media ‘trolls,’ people who make rude comments or who try to create unnecessary drama (for lack of a better definition). We can help you manage the good with the bad, and teach you how to take negative comments and interactions and manage them appropriately to still reflect good on your business. Remember, the goal is to engage with customers and potential customers, and to grow your following and business on social media which never comes without some negativity. However, with the right team backing and supporting you, you will be able to successfully engage with your customers and be successful at social media marketing. 

We understand that cleaning and restoration social media marketing is a whole new ball game, which is why we have taken the time to get the best of the best on our team so that we can help grow your team. Let the experts at SOS coach you through social media engagement with your customers so that you can grow your business successfully. 

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