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Focus, Work Ethic, & Unmatchable Grit

I grew up in the Gem State of Idaho in the outskirts of town in a little farming community called Pingree. Childhood summers were spent riding bikes around the country blocks listening and watching the irrigation pivots water those good ‘ol Idaho spuds while waving to all the local farmers and ranchers driving by in […]

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Get Organized With a Content Calendar & Start Seeing Results

Content, content, content – the driving force behind any brand and marketing strategy. What most people don’t realize, however, is the difference between content and content marketing.  Content can be considered as a single post, ebook, blog, video, etc. that doesn’t really lead a potential customer through the marketing funnel.  Content marketing, on the other […]

content marketing, digital marketing, restoration marketing

Facing Challenges With Optimism

Have you every participated in a challenge? A food eating challenge? A weight loss challenge? A marketing challenge? It’s so interesting to me how we both love and hate challenges. On one hand a challenge can be totally motivating and engaging. We even talk our friends and co-workers into joining us in some challenges. We […]

Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy

As a cleaning and restoration business owner, you probably wouldn’t focus all your time, money and efforts on just one aspect of your business. Same goes with your marketing strategy. While it may seem smart to invest all your resources in a single marketing channel and become a “specialist” in that area, it is better […]