The Best Marketing Plans and Strategies For Your Skilled Trades Business

marketing plans (strategy) for skilled tradesMarketing studies have shown that digital marketing increases sales and provides a larger return on investment than print marketing in todays’ world. One of the main reasons digital marketing has such a big advantage is because we live in a digital world. People are spending more time every day online, using search engines, and scrolling through social media than ever before – and data shows that this is only increasing. To help you take advantage of the opportunities that lie in digital marketing, Spot On Solutions has developed proven marketing strategies that will give you the edge in the digital world. We know that you have devoted your time and energy in understanding your industry so you can provide the best skilled trade services, and we have done the same in the digital marketing world. We want to help you utilize the market to expand your customer base, and here are just a few of the ways we can do that.

Marketing Strategies For Your Skilled Trades Business

  • Utilize Social Media: We know that social media can become overwhelming to navigate and keep up with, especially for a business. However, social media is one of, if not the, best ways to reach more people and make connections with potential customers. Social media platforms are basically free publicity, and are also one of the first places people look for recommendations for skilled trade services they may be in need of. This is why we offer social media management to help you optimize posts, reach the maximum number of people, encourage engagement from followers, and make strong connections with customers and people in your community. We can strategize posts to maximize influence, and help grow your following which will lead to more customers, more calls, and more business. 
  • Increase Search Engine Optimization: A strong social media presence on its own will absolutely grow your business, but when you combine that with Search Engine Optimization (also referred to as SEO), that’s when the real magic happens. SEO is what gets your business to show up on the number one search engine – Google. We provide you with a tried-and-true marketing strategy that utilizes keyword searches and regularly posted quality content to make your business more relevant in a Google search for the skilled trades you offer. Studies have shown that companies and websites that show up at the top of the page are clicked on and visited much more frequently than those that show up on the bottom of the page. In fact, most people will not even get to page two of results on a search engine – which is why you need to be at the top.
  • Improve Website Design: We all know the old saying, ‘never judge a book by its cover.’ With that being said, potential customers will absolutely judge your business by your website design. Poor web design and layout will result in people closing your page and going to the next company that shows up on the search engine. SEO gets people to your website, and professional web design keeps them there. Spot On Solutions has curated the best website designers in the business that can make your page look great, function correctly, and help customers navigate easily to find what they are looking for. Not only can we help you design a website that works, but we also offer website management so we can track new hits and measure how many of those result in phone calls for services. With this information we can custom marketing strategies to increase traffic and, therefore, business. 

Are you ready to implement these marketing strategies into a customized plan specifically for your skilled trades? Call Spot On Solutions right away and we will get you there!  

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