The Freedom & Opportunity In Marketing That So Many Don’t Take

freedom in marketingCleaning and restoration company owners have an amazing opportunity in the marketing world. In an industry that is so niche oriented, there is an incredible freedom surrounding how your company connects with your audience and who you want to be to them. 

Before this gets confusing – let me explain. Business owners have an enormous amount of outlets to express what their company does who they do it for, and why. The opportunity is there to strongly push what sets you apart from your competitors and why your company should be the first choice for cleaning and disaster restoration services. Aside from networking and your local connections, your company can build a presence where all of your potential customers are spending their time – online! 

There is opportunity after opportunity and many business owners are not taking advantage because they just don’t realize how impactful these opportunities can be. Marketing efforts can be so focused on immediate results that people often forget the value of making a footprint that lasts. 

Taking Advantage Of The Opportunities

To be relevant in today’s world, you need a website. Plain and simple. Everyone is searching online and without an online presence, you don’t stand a chance against your competitors who are, literally, everywhere online. But a website is just the root – there are branches from there that spread seeds across the internet and help build your brand awareness and local connections. These branches don’t always get explored or used! And many business owners miss out on creating the brand recognition that will set them apart and help their business grow. 

  1. Social Media – Yes. Social media. The black-sheep of the marketing world for many business owners. Social media is where you are going to reach a particular demographic. You may not get a lot of the 55+ age group reaching out or getting to know you via social media, but Microsoft reports that 65% of people aged 18-34 believe social media is an effective channel for customer service. If you aren’t active on social media, responding to reviews, answering questions and providing high-quality customer service – you are missing an opportunity to improve your brand and build customer loyalty. 
  2. Google My Business – Your Google Reviews are SO IMPORTANT! Not only does replying to reviews show that you care and that you are actively involved in the customer relationship – you can help boost your SEO rankings by throwing in some keywords to your replies. Simple and free! By the way – did you know that you can also create posts from your Google My Business dashboard? You can post COVID-19 updates about your company, holiday schedules, promotions, employment opportunities, or posts about your services – again, remember to use some keywords in these to help boost your SEO! If you aren’t getting reviews and responding to reviews, your company simply looks outdated and irrelevant. Plus, you are missing an incredibly easy opportunity to help your audience get to know you and what your company values. 
  3. Marketing Company Relationship – Your marketing company can’t tell you what sets you aside from your competitors. Your marketing company can’t build your reputation. This is the creativity and work that you have to build. BUT your marketing company can help you strategize how to build that brand recognition. Take the time to meet with your marketing company and have a conversation with them about your brand. Express what you want to be known for, what makes your company different, and talk to them about how you can integrate this into your marketing. 

Marketing isn’t always a flip of the switch. All the advertising in the world is not going to trump a competitor that already has a great reputation and local loyalty. Your company has to be able to provide something unique and different that your audience will value. When you have that, you will have the ammunition to beat your competitors and start building your customer base. Remember, each customer is a walking promotion of your company. Take that seriously and watch your company grow! 

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