Top 10 Reasons Spot On Solutions Can Take Your Business to The Next Level 

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1. You’ll have a partner.

restoration company partnershipWe combine our team with your team to get the best results.  We’ve built our company on relationships that are built to last. When you hire SOS, you don’t hire a vendor, you bring on a partner that is dedicated to helping you reach your goals for growth and profits. It’s that kind of commitment that has kept the very first client we ever started working with still a partner with us today.

2. We know your ideal customer.

target audienceWe don’t just know the restoration industry, we know how to reach the customers who hire restoration companies. Very few digital marketing companies out there know the restoration industry or it’s customers like we do at SOS. That’s because our roots are in restoration. 20 years of owning and operating a restoration business give us a serious competitive advantage over other companies who don’t know how the typical restoration customer thinks and acts.  That’s a big deal.

3. We leverage the best from Google.

Google Partners

Google knows we’re experts. That’s right. Because of our dedication to the growth of our clients, over 3 years ago Spot On Solutions caught Google’s eye and they offered us the opportunity to work with them directly. Since that time we’ve held the very rare distinction of a Google Managed Agency. Simply put, of all of the digital agencies worldwide, only 1% of them hold this distinction and have a dedicated Google team working with them.  We’re one of those agencies (and the only one that works specifically in the restoration industry). We think your company deserves the best strategies with every advantage…Google helps us make that happen for you. 

4. Experience counts.  

experienced online marketing professionalsNot only do we have 20 years’ experience in the restoration industry, but for more than 8 years now we’ve worked solely with restoration companies to grow their profits. That may not seem like a long time, but in a world where digital agencies are literally a dime a dozen, 8 years is a huge undertaking and accomplishment. And we plan on being here for our clients for many more years to come.

5. Synergy is awesome!  

synergyWe bring it all together for you. Stop working with a million different vendors and managing different people. SOS is an under one roof digital marketing solution. This is a BIGGIE!  Especially because there are so many aspects to a company’s digital footprint. (Website design, SEO, PPC, Social, and Reviews just to name a few.) And what we’ve learned is that most of the time, agencies with specific focuses don’t play well in the same sandbox with each other. One always seems to be undermining what the other is doing. That’s why hiring a team who has specialists in every aspect of digital marketing will always work to your advantage and give you a huge competitive advantage over your competition.

cleaning and restoration business development

6. Open and transparent.

transparency marketingWe’re open and transparent with the numbers. Tracking & reporting! I’ve always said, that when it comes to marketing you must be able to track the results… Or else, how do you know if a particular strategy works?  At SOS, we track and report EVERYTHING and then spend the time to explain the results to you every month so you can continue to learn and make good (by good we mean profitable) decisions for your company. 

7. Time is money.

time is moneySounds cliche, but restoration requires quick response times, we believe you do too. Ever get frustrated with your current or past digital agency’s response time in answering your emails or calling you back?  That won’t happen when you work with SOS. We know that oftentimes things come up that need quick attention. That’s why we run our company like you do and answer your questions quick, fast and in a hurry.

8. Long-term partnership.

restoration and cleaning marketingWe enjoy 100’s of long-term happy clients. We know how extremely frustrating it is to have to change digital partnerships all of the time due to poor results. It’s a huge pain in the neck. And we don’t ever want you to have to experience that frustration again. Our commitment to customer service, strategic partnerships, and profitable results are the reasons that our clients choose to stay partners with us for a long, long time. We’d love for you to chat with them. If you are interested in “checking us out” we are proud to say we have tons of clients who are willing to chat with you and will be open and honest about the good, the bad and the ugly. Didn’t we already mention we’re totally transparent?

9. Industry leaders/influencers trust us.

restoration industry leadersThis is not about name dropping, rather it’s about having key restoration industry influencers who not only acknowledge our worth but who also trust us with their digital marketing strategies as well. We’re happy to have the opportunity and privilege to work with such leaders in the industry as Reets Drying Academy, Violand Management Associates, and Wylander, just to name a few.

10. Goodbye headaches.  

online marketing goodbye headachesThe number one complaint we hear clients say is, “Digital marketing is such a huge headache. It is constantly changing and I’ve been burned so many times by so-called marketing companies that I just don’t know who to trust.” Let’s face it, you own a restoration company whose job it is to help people through their most trying times. You’re NOT a digital marketer. And you shouldn’t have to become one in order to succeed in the online world. At SOS, we will take the headache and PAIN out of your digital marketing woes, and at the risk of sounding cliche, we really don’t succeed unless and until we help you succeed. We really are in it for you.

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