"Hope is not a strategy."
- Unknown

You absolutely CAN close sales and retain clients – and we want to show you how!

You can get leads all day long but that doesn’t matter if you aren’t closing job leads and retaining clients. Today’s society is fast-paced and desires convenience at every level. When individuals are searching for a company to provide a service for them, they are relying on you for information, expertise, quality, and efficiency. They have expectations and you want to bring you’re A-Game so that they ALWAYS prefer you over a competitor.

You know how to do your job. You’re the certified experts with the experience and know-how to do great work for your customers. But sometimes, you may not know the best approach and technique to turn potential clients into long-term, loyal customers.

Personalized Training For You And Your Staff

We are on your side and we want those job leads to turn into jobs as badly as you do! Because you needed it, we have made ourselves the experts in:

  • Quality customer service and sales
  • Answering phone calls the right way
  • Finding your own message and brand

Our training programs are designed to help you and your staff improve personal competence and skill so that you have the competitive advantage.

Our Training Programs

We don’t just give you ideas on ways to improve. We give you valuable real-world concepts and train you on the best practices that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Customer Service & Sales

When you want to learn how to do something, you want to learn it from experts in YOUR field. Specialized training is important for you to connect with your trainer and your clients. Our customer service and sales and customer service training comes from years of owning a cleaning and restoration company and now specializing in customer service and sales. Our training is specific to what you do every single day and has proven results in our own company!

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Find Your Message & Brand

You have a desire. You have a goal. But you don't know how to get there. People often don't know how to get where they want to go because they don't know why they want to. What is it that you want to do for others? How do you want your team to see and understand you? What is your message to these people and how do you build that? Our leadership expert is a John Maxwell certified coach that can help you develop your skills in leadership and finding your own message that will help you grow.

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Answering The Phone

When a lead happens where is the first place it goes? Straight to the person answering your phones. Whether it's you or a staff member, this is where you need to be on top of your game. This is where you are going to land that big job and get to work or where a potential client is going to look somewhere else. Our comprehensive and customized phone training will teach you the right techniques to turn potential clients into loyal customers that tell everybody about you.

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Why Work With US?

Because we know what you want and how to get it faster and better than any other digital marketing agency. That and we also want you to get what you want faster and better than your competitors!

Don't Stress

You don’t have to stress about your phone calls anymore! We can give you proven methods and phone skills that really do work and help gain the respect and loyalty of customers that might look somewhere else because they were not handled right.

We Are Better

We’re just better at what we do! We know the cleaning and restoration industry because we’ve been there. We specialize in helping cleaning and restoration companies and do it every single day. We have techniques and tips that have proven results!

Data Driven Results

We use call tracking metrics, a call recording program that allows us to monitor your phone calls and analyze them to give you customized training that will work for you. We won’t generalize – we will give you specific tools that will meet your needs.

Building Relationships

It’s not just about a job – it’s about the customer experience and how they feel about you. We aren’t going to give you just statistics and facts, we are going to give you a personalized experience so that you can build quality relationships with the people you want to help!